Class Of Heroes 2

Class of Heroes 2 now available on the PS Store for PSP and Vita

MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks have announced import sequel Class of Heroes 2 is now available on the PS Store for PSP and Vita.

7 years ago

Class Of Heroes 2 headlines

  • Class of Heroes 2 may still get a physical release

    Class of Heroes 2 didn’t succeed in its Kickstarter drive for a Monkeypaw-backed physical release, eventually opting to launch via the PlayStation Network for PSP and Vita, but new publisher Gaijinworks hasn’t given up. If 2,500 gamers sign up for a physical PSP release by February 14, Gaijinworks will go ahead and produce one, bundled […]

    7 years ago
  • Class of Heroes 2 hits PSP, Vita this year

    Class of Heroes II, unfortunately best known as a failed Kickstarter, will launch through the PlayStation Network during northern autumn. The 2009 RPG will be compatible with both the PSP and Vita, will allow for item trading on the PSP version, and boasts ten classes, 200 dungeons and more than 100 monster types. Thanks, PS […]

    8 years ago