City Of Heroes Freedom

Friday Shorts II: Forza 4, Dark Souls, RE: Retribution, $800 3D headset

It’s Friday. Likely, you are screaming whoo-hoo as you run out the door of your office, Costanza-style, to your cars and flying home down the freeway. Celebrate with some shorts before you go.

10 years ago

City Of Heroes Freedom headlines

  • Paragon chats about City of Heroes: Freedom at Comic-Con panel

    During the City of Heroes panel at Comic-Con, Paragon Studios’ lead game designers Melissa Bianco and Matt Miller along with art lead David Nakayama, development producer Nate Birkholz and community manager Andy Belford chatted with attendees about the MMO going free-to-play, and going under the new name City of Heroes: Freedom.

    10 years ago
  • City of Heroes going free-to-play later this year

    NCsoft has announced City of Heroes will be going free-to-play later this year, and the MMO’s name will be changed to City of Heroes Freedom.

    10 years ago