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  • Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar to support new GFW reboot

    Microsoft’s announced several third-party publishers that will support the upcoming reboot of Games for Windows Marketplace.

  • Capcom expects MvC3 to outsell Street Fighter IV due to familiar Marvel characters

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson has said he expects Marvel vs Capcom 3 to see better sales than Street Fighter IV.

  • Capcom developing Natal game based on old franchise

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson has told G4 the the company is working on a Natal game based on an existing IP.

  • Capcom: "We'll always be experimenting with new IP"

    Over on the Capcom Unity forums in a thread titled “Ask Capcom“, bossman Christian Svensson replied to a question regarding new game franchises and whether the company plans on creating any new ones for 2010, or if it plans on releasing more sequels to proven ones. Apparently, its a balancing act, bu that does not […]

  • Capcom interested in releasing remastered games for PS3

    The announcement last week that the original God of War and it’s sequel was getting a remastered release for the PS3 certainly raised some eyebrows. So if Capcom were asked to do a similar project, like they were a couple of days ago concerning Devil May Cry 1-3, would they do it? “I don’t want […]

  • Confirmed: Dead Rising 2 "stuff coming out of TGS," details in "next few days"

    Capcom’s confirmed to VG247 that Dead Rising 2 will be making an appearance at Tokyo Game Show later this month, and that more on the showing is to be announce imminently. “You’re not going to see it on the floor of TGS, but there will be Dead Rising 2 stuff happening coming out of TGS,” […]

  • VG247 podcast #7 - Capcom's Christian Svensson and Chris Kramer Vs Rocksteady's Paul Crocker

    Bit of a humdinger this week. We were lucky enough to get Capcom US’s senior business chap Christian Svensson and Unity ubermeister Chris Kramer on the phone for a brilliant chat about all the firm’s major products: tons of news in there, so definitely listen. In addition, British development refused to be outdone, you’ll be […]

  • Capcom: No more historic fighters "in development"

    Capcom’s told VG247 that its not currently working on any more updates to its historic fighting games, but will almost certainly revisit its older scrapper titles in the future. “I’ll be honest: right now we have nothing in development, but we’ve been pleased with how our fighting games have performed and our re-releases have performed, […]

  • "No plans" for MvC2 or SSFIITHDR on PC, says Capcom

    Street Fighter IV may have made its way to PC, but if you’re waiting for more recent Capcom fighters on your desktop you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. “To get to Marvel Vs Capcom 2, there are no plans to bring it to PC, nor are there plans to bring HD remix to PC,” said […]

  • Capcom working on unannounced "PC-lead" projects

    Capcom is working on games designed to lead on PC, US biz head Christian Svensson’s revealed to VG247, with at least one team that has “pedigree” as a PC developer. “We do have a couple of products in development which are PC-lead, that are not announced yet,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that that content […]

  • SFIV PC "promos happening very, very soon," Capcom "satisfied" with sales

    If you were sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy Street Fighter IV on PC, it sounds as though things are about to get a lot simpler for you. “You’ll see a few promotions happening very, very soon on Street Fighter IV PC that will make it that much more attractive for […]

  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2 can't be released on Wii because...

    Capcom can’t release newly-announced fight revamp Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on Wii because it only has download rights for the game. “This is a downloadable play, not a retail play,” said Capcom’s ever-present Christian Svennson. “We don’t actually have any retail rights on this project. And there’s no way to get anywhere near the Wiiware […]

  • Capcom says customers did not pay twice for RE5's Versus DLC

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson has tried to put a stop to the assumption that the Versus DLC for Resident Evil 5 was already included on the disc. In a thread started on the Capcom Unity forums, Svensson replied to questions over the content and explained that while it is not on the actual disc, it still […]

  • Capcom: "We support all systems appropriately"

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson has said the company is platform neutral, rejecting claims of bias toward PSP, Wii or DS. “We support all systems appropriately,” he said. “On PSP we’ve released more than 10 titles this generation, very high quality titles and there’s more coming. “DS has been home our popular Megaman Starforce and Ace Attorney […]

  • Capcom: Moaning about RE5 DLC charges is "bullshit"

    Someone appears to have got out of bed the wrong side this morning. Capcom US biz dev boss Christian Svensson has written on the company’s forums that complaining about charges for Resident Evil 5’s Versus DLC is “bullshit”. “This is the part where I get to say ‘BS’,” he said. “RE5 is well worth every […]

  • Capcom: We're "not done" with HD fight remixes

    Lordy. Capcom’s Christian Svensson’s confirmed that more HD fighter remixes are on the way, news likely to shatter the tiny minds of 2D brawler fans everywhere. “Are we done doing HD Remixes? No we’re not done,” the exec told Videogamer. “But the next ones that we do will be even better, based on what we […]

  • Capcom: Downloads "absolutely" more important to PC games than retail

    Capcom US exec Christian Svensson has told RPS that retail is now no longer as important for PC games as downloading. Here’s the quote: RPS: Is digital distribution more important to the PC than retail? Svensson: For me? Absolutely. No question in my mind. Digital distribution on PC ties directly into our strategy. Capcom is […]

  • Capcom US says Street Fighter IV PC for summer, Capcom UK not so sure

    Capcom’s Christian Svensson has told that the PC version of Street Fighter IV will be hitting the sunny time of this year. “Let’s say summer,” he said when asked when it’ll release. The US biz dev guy added that Mad Catz stick bundles may also happen with the PC SKU. “We rolled out our […]

  • Street Fighter II HD Remix goes into submission

    According to this post from Capcom US’s Christian Svensson, Street Fighter II HD Remix is in submission and will launch in November. Hopefully. “It’s in submission,” he said. “November is indeed the target month. It’s a good month for giving ‘thanks’ for all things Street Fighter. It’s a month where hopefully the last of the […]

  • Capcom praises Sony flexibility, MS "not there yet"

    According to Edge, after agreeing a deal so have its own PlayStation Store front, Capcom has praised Sony for its flexibility in its use of on-line space whilst saying that Microsoft is “not there yet” in terms promoting content on Live. “Out of all of the third-party companies making use of the digital space, Sony […]

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