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  • Taylor: "We've got a lot of interest in a sequel to Demigod"

    Gas Powered Games head Chris Taylor has made first mention of a sequel to PC action-RTS Demigod, speaking at gamescom last week.

  • Dungeon Siege III gets debut cinematic trailer

    Square Enix has released the debut trailer of Dungeon Siege III. Not much is given away, mind. It’s after the break.

  • Square Enix announces Obsidian-developed Dungeon Siege III [Update]

    Update: Shots added below. Original: Square Enix has announced Dungeon Siege III for PC, PS3 and 360, bring the RPG series to consoles for the first time.

  • Epic and Gas Powered both feel it's getting "harder" to remain independent

    Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games and Epic president Mike Capps both revealed during DICE that it’s getting harder for development studios like theirs to remain independent of big publishers.

  • Gas Powered Games to announce "next big thing" on February 15

    Gas Powered Games is set to announce its next project on Monday, February 15 according to the studio’s Chris Taylor.

  • No map modding for Supreme Commander 2, says GPG

    Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has told IGN that there will be no map modding for Supreme Commander 2 when it releases in the spring.

  • PAL Supreme Commander 2 gets spring release

    Square just confirmed the PAL version of Supreme Commander 2 for a spring release, with GPG boss Chris Taylor calling the partnership with the publisher a “highlight” of his career. “I couldn’t be more proud of what the team has accomplished, as the game has continually exceeded all of my expectations throughout its development,” said […]

  • Think GoldenEye when console RTS gets tough, says GPG's Taylor

    RTS is still finding its place on consoles, Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor told VG247 at GamesCom last week, but at one time so were shooters. The developer, currently hard at work on Supreme Commander 2 for both PC and 360, told us that not all gamers wish to go out and purchase a […]

  • DICE heads to Singapore, Taylor and Matsuura confirmed

    The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences said today that the DICE Summit – thus far restricted to Las Vegas – is to get an Asian version this year. The new event will take place at Singapore’s Suntec Center, the same venue used for Games Convention Asia, on September 17. GPG’s Chris Taylor and NanaON-Sha […]

  • Supreme Commander console sequel to have more time, resources, says Taylor

    Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor has assured fans that more development time and more resources were being poured into the Supreme Commander 360 sequel after the first port got panned. “We’re doing it [the port] in-house and giving it a lot more time and a lot more resources,” Taylor said. “I would be very […]

  • Demigod beta goes live

    According to this GamersHell story, the beta’s gone live for GPG’s Demigod. There’s more through there. The PC strategy thing releases next February.

  • Chris Taylor and Demigod keynoting GCDC 08

    Leipziger Messe’s announced that Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor is to keynote GCDC this year with a talk about upcoming RPG/RTS, Demigod. “Our goal is to present keynote speakers that inspire our attendees, while providing valuable insight into the changing landscape of the games industry,” said GCDC boss Frank Sliwka. “Chris Taylor’s participation takes the […]

  • Two new Demigod screenshots released

    Over at GamersHell. It looks very much like a PC strategy title to us, which is good, because that’s what it is. The game was pushed back to Feb 2009 recently, but it’s going to be worth it from the look of it. Go see. By Mike Bowden

  • "No official plans" for Dungeon Siege 3, says Taylor

    Speaking to CVG, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has said that comments he made last week about Dungeon Siege 3 being a single-character affair doesn’t mean he’s working on the game itself. “We have not made any official announcements, or have any official plans, but we are kicking ideas around, and that’s no secret,” he […]

  • Taylor confirms Dungeon Siege 3, drops parties’s dropped a nice exclusive this morning, carrying a quote from Chris Taylor in which he both confirms Dungeon Siege 3 and says the game will be based on a single character instead of a party. “There will be some things that are very much like the original Dungeon Siege [games] but only some things […]

  • Demigod moves to February 2009, Stardock to publish

    Stardock will publish Gas Powered Games’ Demigod, according to a press release you can find after the link, which will now hit in February 2009 as opposed to “late 2008”. Aside from the slip, great news arrives in the fact that the game will ship with no DRM at all. From the announcement: To fully […]

  • GDC: Dave Perry's Luminary Lunch - full report

    Dave “Shiny” Perry decided to arrange lunch at a posh San Francisco hotel for some industry luminaries, and let us sit in on it. The session, which was hosted by ex-PC Gamer editor Gary Whitta, was attended by Sony’s Phil Harrison, EA’s Neil Young, Peter Molyneux, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor, Mr Perry himself, and […]

  • GDC: "Very high likelihood" of Demigod on consoles, says Taylor

    Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has said that team-based strategy PC title Demigod is likely to end up on consoles after it releases later this year. “That is actually up in the air,” said Taylor with regards to Demigod’s PC exclusivity. “You could easily see that on the console. That’s got a very high likelihood […]

  • GDC: Piracy forcing PC games onto console, says Supreme Commander man

    According to this, Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor said that piracy is a lead factor in moving games like Supreme Commander onto consoles. “Well one of the key things that is really affecting the economics and the success of gaming in general is piracy on the PC,” he said, talking at GDC. “So one […]

  • GDC: Supreme Commander Xbox 360 screens

    Here. Take a look and wonder how the hell you’re ever going to make Gas Powered Games’ insanely hardcore RTS work on a 360 pad.

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