Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

More GT5 features to be announced closer to launch

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda has said that more features for Gran Turismo 5 will be announced closer to the game’s launch, includes details of DLC and special editions.

11 years ago

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  • Interview - Gran Turismo 5's Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

    There are cheers and there are cheers. The cheer from the Sony E3 press conference crowd when a final Gran Turismo 5 release date flashed up on the big screen was a proper, joyous cheer. Yamauchi’s opus has been so long coming it was in danger of slipping into myth.GT brand associate producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, […]

    11 years ago
  • Gran Turismo 5 not heading West until "summer 2010"

    The associate producer for Gran Turismo 5, Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, announced that the racer will be released sometime during summer 2010 outside of Japan, while confirming the country’s March release.Hinojosa-Miranda also stated that he was planning a trip to the states in order to photograph cars for reference material, but told D’toid that it was not […]

    11 years ago
  • Polyphony Digital answers questions regarding Gran Turismo PSP

    Polyphony Digital’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, answered some questions submitted by readers regarding Gran Turismo PSP over on the US PS Blog.While nothing earth-shattering was revealed, they did see fit to answer a few such as whether any DLC would be released for the game, if cars could be damaged, etc.As […]

    12 years ago
  • Digital-only US Patapon 2 release detailed

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda has confirmed on the US PS Blog that Patapon 2 will be a digital-only release for PSP in the US.Vouchers for the game arrive in retail on May 5 in PSP packaging, complete with an instruction manual and a download code. The game can also be purchased online on May 7 via PSN.A […]

    12 years ago