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Choplifter HD hits the US in next console network update

InXile’s reboot of the classic helicopter action series, Choplifter HD, arrives in the US next week, according to Destructoid. The PlayStation Network version goes for $14.99 and drops on January 10, with a 1200 MS Points Xbox Live Arcade release due on January 11. Konami is publishing, so expect details of international dates and pricing […]

10 years ago

Choplifter Hd headlines

  • Konami to publish Choplifter HD, release pushed to "winter"

    Konami’s picked up InXile’s Choplifter HD for release on XBLA. Not quite sure what’s going on with the PS3 and PC versions, which were announced in March: today’s press release only makes reference to the 360 game. The release date’s been pushed back, in addition, moving from “fall” to “winter”. This is timely; winter started […]

    10 years ago
  • Choplifter HD coming to XBLA, features Super Meat Boy cameo

    inXile’s announced that Choplifter HD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, as well as previously-announced releases on PSN and PC. Its also confirmed that a cameo from Super Meat Boy in the game, which you can get more on at GiantBomb. There’s some new footage of it below, via D’Toid. Choplifter HD releases this fall.

    10 years ago
  • Choplifter HD to mix original game's "accessibility" with "state of the art graphics and sound"

    InXile founder Brian Fargo has said the reason his team decided to bring a reboot of Choplifter to PC and PS3 is because it wanted “to blow it out to the next level and introduce it to a new generation of game players.”

    10 years ago
  • inXile bringing Choplifter HD to PC, PS3

    Hunted dev inXile said today it’s to release a reboot of the classic 80s franchise, Choplifter, on PC and PS3 this autumn.

    10 years ago