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  • UK boxed product sales down 18% in 2009

    Boxed UK game sales took a major hit in 2009, according to Chart-Track, with overall numbers down 18 percent for the year.

  • Chart-Track slaps Pachter over MW2 sales doubts

    Chart-Track’s defended its 1.23 million day one UK sales figure for Modern Warfare 2 in the UK, following Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter casting doubt on the number last night. “UK retailers have been at the forefront of electronic data capture for decades, which in turn allows us to capture daily sales from 99 per cent […]

  • FIFA 10 clears 1 million UK units in three weeks

    FIFA 10’s sold “comfortably” more than 1 million units in the UK in three weeks, Chart-Track said today. The game beat FIFA 09 to the million milestone by three weeks. As reported earlier, FIFA 10 managed to hold off Uncharted 2’s launch last week to to keep hold of its top chart slot.

  • UK PS3 sales explode over 1,000% on Slim's release

    Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch’s told VG247 that UK PS3 sales have risen over 1,000 percent on Slim’s release. “I’m not surprised by it,” said Bloch in a phone conversation. “There’s a lot of demand for the Slim.” The exec said that while PS3 is shown as ‘+999%’ over week 35 in week 36, the figure […]

  • Germany takes over UK as largest games market in Europe

    It’s been announced that Germany has overtaken the UK to become the largest games market in all of Europe on a country-by-country basis. According to data from Chart Track GfK international, sales in the UK dropped to twenty percent in the first half of 09, while sales went up in Sweden, Holland and Portugal: the […]

  • Lifetime UK console sales revealed

    GfK Chart-Track’s released lifetime figures for games hardware in the UK, as reported by Edge. And here they are: Wii – 4.9 million (launched December 2006) Xbox 360 – 3.2 million (launched December 2005) PS3 – 1.9 million (launched March 2007) DS – 8.8 million (launched March 2005) PSP – 3.2 million (launched September 2005) […]

  • Nintendo issues revised opening UK DSi sales figures to 92k

    Nintendo’s told VG247 that DSi sold 92,000 units in the UK in its opening weekend, not 103,000 as previously reported. Both figures came from Chart-Track. The UK tracking body just revised its figure to the lower amount. DSi enjoyed the fourth largest hardware launch in British history last week.

  • UK software market to be worth £1.9 billion in 2008

    According to this MCV report, the British games software market is to be worth approximately £1.9 billion this year. The site claims game sales this year are already ahead of those achieved in 2007 of £1.7 billion. So far the market value has averaged out to £35m a week in 2008. The calculations are based […]

  • DS breaks UK hardware sales record

    DS Lite has broken the all-time weekly sales record for hardware in the UK, MCV’s reporting. ELSPA/GFK-ChartTrack figures show that the console broke the record in week ending December 6. The console’s beaten its own record: it first became the biggest-selling console of all time in the lead-up to Christmas last year. As ever, no […]

  • 51% of Tomb Raider: Underworld sales go to PS3

    According to this MCV report, Chart-Track’s confirmed that 51 percent of all UK Tomb Raider: Underworld sales in Britain last week. The title entered this week’s GFK-ChartTrack/ELSPA All Formats Top 40 at No.9, outselling the launch of last year’s original Tomb Raider remake (Tomb Raider: Anniversary) by 6,700 units.

  • Wii explodes in UK, PS3 and 360 sell 1 million units in past year

    Chart-Track’s confirmed that both PS3 and Xbox 360 have achieved 1 million console sales in the UK in the past year. According to this GI report, as of September 2008, PS3 has reached 1.4 million units, 360 2.3 million and Wii 3.6 million units. The numbers show considerable growth from 2007 – both PS3 and […]

  • Xbox 360 sales up 32% following UK price cut

    GI’s reporting that sales of Xbox 360 hardware rose 32 percent over the weekend of Microsoft’s latest price cut. “[360] sales are up 32 percent and PlayStation 3 sales are down eight percent,” said Chart-Track’s Chris Poole. Microsoft’s latest adjustment now puts the Arcade at £129.99, the Premium at £169.99 and the Xbox Elite, complete […]

  • Chart-Track on GfK sale: It's business as usual, and don't expect sales figures in UK

    Following last night’s revelation that GfK has bought a controlling stake in UK sales monitor Chart-Track, VG247 has been told by the British company that no changes are planned to the way UK games charts operate, and that the focus of the new firm post-sale will be on building European tracking services. “Not in the […]

  • GfK buys UK charts authority, Chart-Track

    GfK has bought Chart-Track. The charts firm has added a 46 percent stake to an existing nine percent, taking control of the UK outfit. The effectively means Chart-Track is now no longer the UK authority for British games charts. “We are delighted to be joining the GfK Group,” said MD of the newly-formed GfK ChartTrack […]

  • UK industry sees record revenue first six months of 2008

    According to this MCV piece, the first six months of 2008 have been the biggest ever. The news comes from Chart-Track, so that means no figures, unfortunately. “In terms of overall software, including non-games, this is by far the biggest first half of the year ever,” said Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch. There’s no other info […]

  • MGS4 has minimal impact on UK PS3 sales, says Chart-Track

    GI’s reporting that MGS4 has had a mere 7 percent impact on PS3 sales in the past week, despite a massive increase in hardware moved in Japan. “There’s not a lot to say about it – it had minimal impact really. Units were up by 7 percent,” said Chart-Track boss Dorian Bloch. And that’s that. […]

  • PS3 leading 360 by 10% in the UK this year

    The CVG piece claims that PS3 sales are ahead of 360 numbers by 10 percent in the first 21 weeks of 2008. The news comes from Chart-Track’s Dorian Bloch who also added that “360 has caught up thanks to the GTA IV effect,” since prior to the game’s release the PS3 was 20 percent ahead […]

  • GTA IV sales hit 1.3 million in the UK

    According to this EG report, GTA IV sales have now hit 1.3 million in the UK, 57 percent of which were on Xbox 360. Sales of Xbox 360 hardware are 18 percent ahead of the PS3 in the UK since the launch of the game, says the site. The stats come from Chart-Track. More through […]

  • GTA IV: 926,000 copies sold in first five days

    According to this GI report, Chart-Track figures show that GTA IV has sold more than 926,000 copies sold in its first five days on sale in the UK. The British organisation reports that 514,000 copies were sold for 360 and 413,000 copies were sold for PS3 – a split of 55 per cent to 45 […]

  • Biggest UK games of 2007 revealed

    And the winner is… FIFA 08, according to an extensive look at UK sales in the past year from MCV. The top 10’s below, in case you can’t be bothered to wade through the full top 50, an analysis feature or a breakdown by format. There are no sales figures, unfortunately, as Chart-Track only allows […]

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