Chainsaw Battles

Epic’s Capps Ortega at Comic Con on Gears 2: video

Big video here of Epic president Mike Capps and Gears 2 writer Joshua Ortega at Comic Con. This is definitely worth a watch. Key Capps quotes: “Bayonets are kind of boring.” “What was cool about the chainsaw? The blood splatter. The blood-curdling yell. The cool animation. That kind of stuff.” “More badass.” “We obviously took […]

12 years ago

Chainsaw Battles headlines

  • Chainsaw battles included in Gears 2

    According to this, the chainsaw versus chainsaw battling in the Gears of War 2 teaser trailer wasn’t a fanciful thing: it’s actually included in the game. I was talking to two people last night who are close enough to the development team at Epic to know and they confirmed for me that this will be […]

    12 years ago