CES 2009

GT5 – Five CES movies show Nurburgring, McLaren F1

Gamespot’s posted five off-screen movies of the CES GT5 demo, showing the Nurburgring, the McLaren F1 in action, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Fuji Speedway racing and general cars and tracks gameplay.

CES 2009 headlines

  • Natal consumes 10-15% of 360 CPU power

    Natal may have been scaled back since its original concept, but it’s still going to take a neat chuck of 360’s processing punch when it releases later this year.

  • CES: Natal runs at 30 frames per second

    Amid all the release dates and sales numbers at Microsoft’s CES keynote last night, the company dropped some tech info on Natal: apparently, the motion-sensing system runs at 30 frames per second.