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  • Crytek: 'F2P could make PS3 the key console'

    Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has discussed why Sony’s move to the free-to-play market could propel PS3 to the top of the console food chain. It comes as his company moves into free-to-play development with Warface and other projects.

  • EVE Online next expansion announced

    EVE Online Retribution is set for release on 4 December and will offer new ships to pilot, improvements to the game’s bounty hunting system as well as some visual upgrades with added textures.

  • Dust 514 vs EVE Online: when worlds collide

    Dust 514’s co-existence with EVE Online makes it one of the most ambitious shooters ever made. VG247’s Dave Cook goes hands on and speaks with CCP to find out more.

  • Dust 514 beta keys: 1,000 up for grabs now!

    Dust 514 beta keys! They work today! We have 1,000 to give away for the PS3-exclusive shooter, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

  • Dust 514 beta open to PS Plus members tomorrow

    Dust 514 will enter a beta phase for PS Plus members from tomorrow. Subscribers can also take advantage of discounted DLC content if they play during this latest beta phase.

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