Drakengard 3 director hasn’t got the budget for next-gen, promises something new this year

Drakengard 3 director Yoko Taro has been quite upfront about the reasons he can’t answer fans’ prayers for a next-gen entry in the dark RPG series.

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  • Drakengard 3 produces first screenshots

    Get through the break immediately and gaze with wheezing lust at these blood-spattered first screenshots from Drakengard 3.

  • Drakengard 3 announced in latest Famitsu, reunites Cavia team

    Drakengard 3 is coming, according to reports out of Japan. I’m caught between piling salt on and swallowing my own face in excitement.

  • Fate/unlimited Codes to be pulled from PSN

    If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of 2008 PSP fighter Fate/unlimited Codes, do so at once – not only is it on sale, but it’s soon to make a graceful exit from the PlayStation Network.

  • Square Enix's last Cavia title is Catacombs

    Siliconera has delivered its promised Square Enix exclusive, vomiting information on a stymied shooter called Catacombs from the now-defunct Cavia, developer of Nier.

  • Cavia already working on DLC for NieR

    NieR’s executive producer at Square, Yosuke Saito, has revealed that Cavia started work on DLC for it immediately after the core game was completed.

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    The new issue of Famitsu has a two-page advert for Nier Replicant with the tagline “Beyond revenge lies crazed desperation.” This is a Square Enix thing, which promises to reveal what it’s all about next week. If the “Neir” part sounds familiar to you, 1UP has you covered. Nier’s the Cavia-developed action game slated for […]

  • Square Enix sword-swinger NIER gets first trailer, website

    Announced yesterday, Square Enix’s PS3/Xbox 360 action title NIER has, at long last, begun its pre-E3 info trickle. For now, you’ve got a website and a trailer to fuel your speculations. Personally, we’re thinking fairly straightforward brawler on this one. Check out the trailer — which features a particularly angry man tearing through shadow men […]