Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood tracks hit Rock Band 3 next week

Harmonix has announced tracks from five-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood will land on the Rock Band store next week for Rock Band 3. Called the Carrie Underwood Pack 01, tracks include Before He Cheats, Cowboy Casanova, and Good Girl. The first two offerings contain keyboard support, while the later has the option of added Pro […]

9 years ago

Carrie Underwood headlines

  • Liv Tyler plays Brain Age 2 for DS ad

    Nintendo’s launched, a US DS campaign featuring Liv Tyler, Carrie Underwood and America Ferrera.Apparently, “After you’ve spent all day working, there’s got to be a good way to unwind. Liv found it, and for her it’s called Brain Age 2.”Yeah. We’re pretty sure it’s called “loads of money,” but we’re just bitter. See Fit […]

    13 years ago