New Resident Evil 5 producer interview posted

After the link. We can’t watch it because the ever-reliable Flash is borked in this browser and we’re working on a laptop in the living room so as not to wake the wife and child, so have a squiz and see if there’s anything new in there. We’ll watch it later.

CAPTIVATE08 headlines

  • PSN Resident Evil trailer differs from CAPTIVATE08 footage

    The Resident Evil 5 trailer released on PSN yesterday’s a different edit from the CAPTIVATE08 footage, apparently, as proved by these screens on NeoGaf. There’s a section in a container yard there, which definitely wasn’t in the other video. So there we are. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Resident Evil 5 producer admits Chris is "buffed up"

    Speaking to IGN in a video you’ll find after the break, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has admitted that Chris’s character model in the game’s been pumped up on the muscle front. “With Chris, one of the things we tried to do was create a character design that’s buffed up,” he said, presumably speaking […]

  • CAPTIVATE08: Hands-on with 1942 and Commando 3

    Kotaku’s posted some impressions of Capcom’s upcoming XBLA games from CAPTIVATE08, none of which were mentioned in the netplosion of information about the event yesterday afternoon. You’ll find info on 1942: Joint Strike and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 through the link, for what it’s worth. Read up on everything else shown in the […]

  • Capcom on RE5: "We didn't set out to make a racist game"

    Speaking to Kotaku at CAPTIVATE08, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has claimed is was never the teams intention to offend over race issues with the game, and that no design decisions have been affected by Newsweek journalist N’Gai Croal’s claim that the title’s first trailer dovetails with “classic racist imagery”. “In terms of the […]

  • First Bionic Commando multiplayer trailer released

    We missed this in the noise of everything else going live from CAPTIVATE08 this afternoon, but Capcom’s put out the first trailer of Bionic Commando online multiplayer. Swinging, cities, men in power suits, shooting, explosions. We defy you to tell us there’s anything else in there. After the link.

  • CAPTIVATE08: Everything in one place

    The embargo’s up on content from Capcom’s CAPTIVATE08 event, and Eurogamer’s done some work for once. We’ll just link to Tom’s stuff, as everyone else appears to be asleep. Update: Some alarm clocks have gone off now. Links added. Resident Evil 5 preview (new screens) – Eurogamer First Resident Evil 5 gameplay impressions – Kotaku […]

  • New, embargo-busting Resident Evil 5 shots posted

    Gamersyde’s gone live with 19 new shots of Resident Evil 5, part of the CAPTIVATE08 set of assets emargoed until 1pm BST today. Take a look.

  • CAPTIVATE08 embargo lifts at 1pm BST tomorrow

    Capcom’s just confirmed that the the embargo on all assets from last week’s CAPTIVATE08 event will be lifted at 1pm tomorrow. The Las Vegas showing had some very nice surprises, from what we’ve just been told, so keep your eyes open tomorrow afternoon.

  • Street Fighter IV confirmed for PC, PS3 and 360

    Capcom’s confirmed that Street Fighter IV will release for PC, PS3 and 360, but has fallen short of announcing any dates for the home versions. The announcement come as part of the soon-to-start CAPTIVATE08 event in the US, which should begin in earnest later today, probably about the same time as Ubidays 2008 kicks off […]

  • Capcom issues new direct feed Resident Evil 5 screens

    CAPTIVATE08, Capcom’s US press event, kicks off later tonight, and to celebrate, the firm’s released three new direct feed shots of Resident Evil 5. We’ve seen the one with the chainsaw before, but the other two are brand new. Watch for more on the massively anticipated horror game later today, including, hopefully, a release date. […]

  • Capcom cans Gamers Day, announces CAPTIVATE08

    According to this blog post, Capcom has renamed its annual reveal event from Gamers Day to CAPTIVATE08. CAPTIVATE08, the most capitalised event in gaming, will still be held in Las Vegas, and will still be held in May. The main difference seems to be that some members of the public are going to be invited […]