Captivate 09

Capcom to announce two more games at E3

Capcom said on its Twitter last night that it still has two more games to announce at E3.It’ll be Flock 2, or something. The publisher properly shot its load with CAPTIVATE coverage yesterday, all of which you can find here.Thanks, Joystiq.

12 years ago

Captivate 09 headlines

  • CAPTIVATE 09 embargo lifts - All coverage rounded-up

    The CAPTIVATE embargo just lifted, revealing impressions on Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 and plenty me. Don’t trawl the web: we’ll do it for you. We’ll add everything as it appears.Lost Planet 2 Eurogamer preview Eurogamer screens boss battle trailer “Downloadable Lost Planet 2 demo at E3” (Eurogamer) Lost Planet 2 Demo Announced, […]

    12 years ago
  • Dead Rising 2 - first proper trailer

    After the break. There’s some gun-jumping going on here. All the CAPTIVATE assets aren’t supposed to be released until 4.00pm GMT today.But there we are. Chuck Greene! Watch watch watch.

    12 years ago
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - 7 direct-feed movies, impressions, screens

    Gamespot’s posted up a five-minute direct-feed movie of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 from CAPTIVATE. Get it after the break.The ubiquitous Christan Svennson’s talking over the top of it, and there’s tons of play in there.There’s an impressions article here.In addition, IGN’s posted up six videos from the same event.Get all the screens from the assets […]

    12 years ago