Capcom Full-year Financials 2009

Resident Evil 5 breaks 4 million, SFIV 2 million

Resident Evil 5 has now sold more than 4 million units on a global level, Capcom just confirmed.Street Fighter IV’s no slouch either – the game’s through the 2 million mark, the company said today.PSP’s Monster Hunter Freedom 2G also helped Capcom along in the past year, rounding off a trio of products that’s given […]

12 years ago

Capcom Full-year Financials 2009 headlines

  • Capcom full-year figures show 10.6% sales increase

    Capcom saw a 10.6 percent sales increase in the 12 months ending March, up to 91.8 billion yen.Operating income rose 11.4 percent to 14.6 billion yen year-over-year, with net income up to 8.06 billion yen, a 3.3 percent increase.The firm’s predicting growth for the current year, forecasting a sales rise to 95 billion yen.Press release […]

    12 years ago

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