Capcom Fiscal 08 Report

EA is biggest publisher in Europe, says Capcom

In a financial statement last night, Capcom published a table claiming that EA is by far the biggest publisher in Europe, holding 18.2 percent of the region’s software market.Nintendo is second largest, apparently, with 15.8 percent.Ubisoft is third, according to the chart, holding 9.4 percent of European sales.Capcom itself came in at fifteenth, with 1.4 […]

13 years ago

Capcom Fiscal 08 Report headlines

  • Capcom wants to develop global games

    In a gigantic financial report last night, Capcom said it wants to dramatically increase the amount of games it sells in the US and Europe, pushing western sales up from a current 47 percent to 80 percent in the “future.”No time limit was given for the shift in strategy. More on Kotaku.

    13 years ago
  • Capcom releases massive annual report

    It’s here. There’s an absolute ton of stuff in there, so pick through it at your leisure. Or not. It’s 96 pages long. Be baffled by numbers in the middle of the night. Why not?

    13 years ago