Calling All Cars

Jaffe’s next game “somewhere between God of War and Calling All Cars”

Eat, Sleep, Play bossman David Jaffe has said at DICE his next game is based “somewhere between God of War and Calling All Cars”.

Calling All Cars headlines

  • David Jaffe on Calling All Cars: "I'd call it a mistake"

    Jumping ship from the world’s most popular franchise about an exceedingly angry man who kills gods and has threesomes to a small game about smaller cars seemed like something of an odd choice for God of War director David Jaffe. At least, to those of us in the Internet’s ever-vocal peanut gallery. Turns out, though, […]

  • Calling All Cars calls it quits as servers are shutdown

    David Jaffe has written on his blog that the Calling All Cars online servers went down for good yesterday.

  • Calling All Cars severs to be shut

    For anyone who still plays it online, we bring you the sad news that the online servers for Calling All Cars are to be shutdown, as of January 2010. According to PSN Stores, people who still play the game are greeted with the following message: “On January 14, 2010 the servers for Calling All Cars […]