Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare last-gen ports coming via Transformers dev

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is being ported to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U by Transformers developer High Moon Studios after all, with a confirmation that follows rumours on the matter.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 headlines

  • Call of Duty 2014 wishlist: what Sledgehammer needs to win the new-gen war

    Call of Duty 2014 may or may not be Modern Warfare 4, but that’s not all that important. What is important is that Sledgehammer Games delivers a standalone debut worthy of the Infinity Ward glory days, and proves to the world that Activision’s franchise can happily exist in the new generation. Dave Cook gets entitled […]

  • Call of Duty 2014 to be "most ambitious" Sledgehammer game to date

    Call of Duty’s next release is the “most ambitious, most creative game we’ve ever made”, Sledgehammer Games cofounder Glen Schofield said during a GDC session, as reported by Gamespot. Although Sledgehammer is a young studio, its founders created the Dead Space franchise, so that’s quite a big call. The studio is the third leg in […]

  • Call of Duty: 2014 is new Modern Warfare, claims Ghosts leaker - video

    Call of Duty: 2014 will be another entry to the Modern Warfare series, according to YouTube personality Drift0r, who is the same person who accurately leaked a wealth of Call of Duty: Ghosts details ahead of its initial reveal.

  • Call of Duty next-gen rumours begin as Sledgehammer Games posts new job ads

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 co-developer Sledgehammer Games has been unheard of since the shooter launched, but it has recently posted ten new job adverts for a project, citing help with weapons and vehicles for a next-gen entry, among other things.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts: no plans for Modern Warfare 4 at this time, says Infinity Ward

    Cal of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward is laser-focused on development of the game and its post-launch content for the foreseeable future, and has no plans to revisit the Modern Warfare franchise at this time. That’s the claim of studio community manager Tina Palacios.

  • Modern Warfare 4 beta scam retired, owners decry responsibility

    After word went around yesterday of a Modern Warfare 4 beta scam, the website’s owners have shut it down. Fusible reports the organisation responsible claims it was itself scammed by a company it engaged to help grow its Facebook page, despite posting encouragement to sign up on said Facebook page.

  • Modern Warfare 4 beta scam doing the rounds

    Just a reminder that anybody asking for your personal details to sign up for a Call of Duty beta is probably trying to steal your details and make your life miserable. Fusible has word of a new scam using the domain name. Some minor sleuthing quickly exposes the site’s owners, who have nothing at […]

  • Sledgehammer hiring for PS3, Xbox 360 Call of Duty title

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 might have only just launched last week, but as you know by now, the production cycle never stops, and MW3 cohorts Sledgehammer Games has posted up a job ad for a new Call of Duty game on PS3 and Xbox 360. Is it the much-rumoured Modern Warfare 4, or […]

  • Call of Duty 2013 is Modern Warfare 4 - rumour

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is the franchise’s 2013 entry, according to alleged leaks from voice recording for the game.

  • MW4: Price actor shoots down involvement, 'facts have been confused'

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 rumours began last week after a fan spoke with Captain Price voice actor Bill Murray about his involvement in the series. The fan reported on his site that Murray was voicing Price in MW4, but the actor has now gone on the record to set things straight.

  • Modern Warfare 4: Infinity Ward shoots down Price claims, doesn't debunk game

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 was outed yesterday by Captain Price voice actor Bill Murray, who suggested voice work had already begun. However, Infinity Ward has now shot down the actor’s involvement and denied that voice work has begun – but hasn’t denied the game’s existence.

  • Modern Warfare 4 spilled by Captain price actor, Infinity Ward developing - report

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is a thing, according to Captain price voice actor Bill Murray – no, not the Ghostbuster. Murray let slip the game’s development at Infinity Ward in a new interview.