Caffeinated Games

Caffeinated Games might bring Farmlands to Wii

GoNintendo is reporting that Caffeinated Games is weighing up whether or not to bring its latest “board and collectible card game” from PC to WiiWare. All that’s needed to make it happen is for you to leave a comment over at GoNintendo and ask for it, apparently.We love board and collectible card game, so we’ve […]

12 years ago

Caffeinated Games headlines

  • Caffeinated Games created by ex-SOCOM chap

    Former SOCOM developer Greg Chudecke has formed Caffeinated Games, according to this Next-Gen piece.“When you read postmortems about failed indie game companies you often run across a common thread – either the publisher didn’t understand the concept or didn’t market the game,” Chudecke said. “We at Caffeinated Games recognize publishers have to guess what games […]

    12 years ago