Get the 1993 version of Syndicate from GOG this week

The original Syndicate – a tactical Bullfrog classic from the brain of Peter Moluneux – is coming to Good Old Games this week. From January 19, you can grab the seminal strategy for just $5.99. This is particularly good news for Australians, as it’s the only version of the game we’re allowed to play, but […]

9 years ago

Bullfrog headlines

  • Emotional Molyneux lauds BAFTA in Fellowship speech

    An emotional Peter Molyneux paid tribute last night to BAFTA for being the first to truly recognise videogames as a form of entertainment.

    10 years ago
  • Classic Bullfrog remakes on the way?

    In the beginning, there was Bullfrog. And it was good. Then it got dissected and assimilated into the EA biomass, and Peter Molyneux ran off to form Lionhead Studios. The result? Bullfrog kicked the bucket, and gamers have been clamoring for series revivals ever since. Fortunately for those gamers, comments from EA’s Harvey Elliot would […]

    11 years ago
  • Alex Trowers: the Bullfrog story

    There’s a rather interesting article over at Gamingverdict (part two here) where Alex Trowers looks back at life at Bullfrog.The article charts Alex’s beginnings with the company, how an already balding Peter Molyneux used to balance cigarette butts on people’s keyboards and how they sent a joystick into space, thus becoming the Kings of Everything.A […]

    13 years ago