Spelunky: Play it in your web browser now, get no work done

Spelunky, the cave exploring platformer is now available to play on your browser. An expanded and enhanced version of the game was recently launched on Xbox Live Arcade. But which tastes better – Free or not free?

8 years ago

Browser headlines

  • Heroes and Generals announced, persistent WW2 FPS strategy game

    Reto-Moto has announced their new – and very interesting – World War 2 shooter/strategy game. It’s one of the most ambitious games we’ve recently seen and it’s all playable in a web browser.

    9 years ago
  • Watch the DSi web browser in action

    After the link. It looks pretty much the same as DS Lite’s amazingly, but at least the 22 seconds you’re about to spend watching the movie of someone looking at Google on a little screen won’t be wasted.Thanks, PocketGamer.

    12 years ago