Browser-based Games

Monkey Island’s insult sword-fighting is free for all

The classic insult sword-fighting section from The Secret of Monkey Island has been coded to work in web browsers by a well-meaning modder named Karza. Grab the link through the break.

8 years ago

Browser-based Games headlines

  • Free-to-play HTML5 Pac-Man is a monster

    Australian web game developer Soap Creative, in conjunction with Microsoft and Namco Bandai, has created The World’s Biggest Pac-Man, a web-based, free-to-play update of everyone’s favourite dot-gobbler. With over 1,300 user-created mazes, economic productivity is likely to take a hit today.

    10 years ago
  • Louis Castle departs EA's Westwood Studios for InstantAction

    Louis Castle, co-founder of EA’s Westwood Studios has left the firm for free-to-play games company InstantAction where he will act as CEO.InstantAction specializes in third-party 3D browser-based games funded through advertising and micro-transactions.Castle, who founded Westwood with Brett Sperry in 1985, became general manager of EA’s Blueprint Studios after Westwood was acquired by the publisher […]

    12 years ago
  • Playboy casual MMO announced, hankies not included

    Jolt Online Gaming as announced a browser-based casual MMO called Playboy Manager.Yes, it sounds exactly as it seems. Facepalm.Centered around trading card and turn-based gaming, it features exclusive content from Playboy, including videos and photos of the models.Your character plays a “crack talent agent” that manages the career of up-and-coming Playboy models, with the goal […]

    12 years ago