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  • THQ's Farrell: $59.99 price point is "keeping people out" of gaming

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell believes games need to be less expensive, otherwise, there’s a risk of losing new customers.

  • THQ expects its digital offerings to continue doubling

    CEO Brian Farrell said during THQ’s call to investors last night the firm expects its digital sales to double next year, and continue to grow from there.

  • THQ: The last thing the industry needs now are new consoles

    THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell has said the industry doesn’t need a new console generation at the moment, because Move and Kinect will help extend each respective console’s life cycle while expanding the gaming audience.

  • THQ to try out hybrid pricing scheme with next motocross title

    THQ’s Brian Farrell has said the company plans to experiment with a hybrid model of monetization with its titles in the future.

  • THQ and others feel Cloud gaming is the future

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell is a proponent of Cloud gaming, and believes it has the potential to lower the “entry barrier” into gaming for consumers who don’t wish to spend the cash on a console.

  • Farrell: THQ has motion control titles to show off at E3

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell dropped quite a few noteworthy bits of information during his much quoted interview with IGN this week. While we have covered this extensively, there was one other thing we couldn’t resist pulling from it, and that was the news that THQ would be showing motion control titles at E3 this year.

  • THQ says its titles are something other publishers "would be envious of"

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell has revealed that the company’s internal developments are something that the other publishers “would be envious of”.

  • THQ planning banner E3 with Red Faction 3, Saint's Row 3, more

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell has been chatting about the company’s games coming out, and he reiterated that attendees at E3 this year will get to have a look at both Red Faction 3 and Saint’s Row 3.

  • THQ to show Warhammer 40K at E3

    During THQ’s Q310 financial call to investors yesterday evening, CEO Brian Farrell revealed that the long in the making Warhammer 40K MMO will be shown for the first time at E3 in June.

  • THQ Q2 2010 financials: Company reports $5.6 million loss, still looking positive

    THQ has released its financial 2010 results for its second quarter which ended September 30, 2009 and will conclude for the year in March 2010. While reporting a loss, things are looking up for the company as it has reduced its operating loss and is closer to breaking even since financial problems that plagued it […]

  • THQ promises better marketing support for Red Faction: Guerrilla

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell said in the company’s financial call to investors yesterday that if THQ were to be graded on Red Faction: Guerrilla’s release – it would have received a “B”. “Frankly, I think on the next generation of Red Faction: Guerrilla we need to do a better job of creating day one demand,” […]

  • THQ plans to bring future UFC titles to Wii and handhelds

    THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell confirmed today during a call to investors that future iterations of the UFC franchise would expand onto Wii and handhelds. “Over time, we plan to build our UFC franchise by expanding international sales and by developing games on new platforms such as handhelds and Nintendo Wii,” he said. No […]

  • Farrell: Natal coming "late next year"

    THQ boss Brian Farrell just called Natal a “platform addition” and said the 360 motion-sensing unit will launch “late next year”. The exec’s comments came as part of a broad answer in the firm’s Q1 earnings call regarding the general state of the industry and console price-cutting. Microsoft has never officially dated Natal’s launch, although […]

  • Red Faction: Guerrilla passes 1 million units sold

    THQ boss Brian Farrell just confirmed that Red Faction: Guerrilla has now sold more than 1 million units. The news came as part of the firm’s Q1 earnings conference call. Farrell held the game up as an example of the company’s commitment to quality: the firm’s games are achieving an MC average rating of 84 […]

  • THQ - 800k units break-even on core games "days are over"

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell said in the firm’s full-year earnings call last night that core games can’t break even in the 700-800,000 unit range any more. “On the core titles, yeah, 700,000, 800,000 units, those days unfortunately we think are over,” he said in answer to a question about break even levels. “But within the […]

  • "Softness" emerging in Wii market, says Farrell

    THQ boss Brian Farrell said in THQ’s full-year earnings call last night that a “softness” is entering Wii’s market, comments that will no doubt fuel speculation of an upcoming price cut. “The Wii has been going for an unprecedented amount of time without a price cut,” Farrell said, suggesting that a weakening in the Wii […]

  • PS3 price cut expected "later in the year," says THQ boss

    THQ’s Brian Farrell has just described PS3 as a “challenging” format, saying he doesn’t expect the machine’s retail cost to drop at E3 in june. “We’re not expecting a [PS3] price cut at E3, but we do expect one later in the year,” said the CEO. “That’s just our guess… [and] not based on any […]

  • Multiplayer demo confirmed for Red Faction: Guerrilla

    Red Faction: Guerrilla is to get a multiplayer demo later this month, THQ CEO Brian Farrell has confirmed. A single-player demo for the title has already released. The full game is to release for PC, 360 and PS3 in early June. Farrell was speaking in THQ’s Q4 and year-end earnings call, which is ongoing. THQ […]

  • Farrell: Dawn of War has sold 4 millon units

    Speaking at the Wedbush Morgan Securities’ annual conference yesterday, THQ boss Brian Farrell said that sales of the original Dawn of War had now hit 4 million units. “Warhammer 40k is one brand we should start talking about more,” he said. “It is a PC-only game — but from the original Dawn of War game […]

  • Game CEOs make loads more than you do

    Ever wonder what game industry CEOs make in a year?  It’s loads more than any of us, we guarantee. According to The Game Trade Journal, between bonuses, stock options and incentives, the following CEOs are paid the most according to proxy statements filed with the SEC. Activision – Bobby Kotick: $14.9 Million; Base pay is […]

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