More content providers rumored for Xbox Live TV

Bloomberg is reporting that along with the rumored Comcast and Verizon deal, Microsoft is talks to bring HBO, Crackle, Bravo, Syfy, and Lovefilm UK to Xbox Live TV. According to the site’s source, an announcement of regarding the expansion of services via Xbox Live could come next week at the earliest. Earlier this month, MS […]

9 years ago

Bravo headlines

  • Former MTV boss starts own game-centric TV show, GameFace

    Former MTV boss Peter Einstein has started his own games-focused show, which debuted last weekend on Bravo.GameFace was created by his company Ginx TV, and is hosted by Julia Hardy. The show contains reviews along with a weekly international weekly show titked The Ginx Files.“I believe that the viewing figures for Game Face will build […]

    11 years ago