More than 20,000 people buy Live tickets

Says so here.’s Gian Luzio reckons demand for the Wembley show this weekend has been good.“The tickets have been selling really well,” he said. “We are looking at in excess of 20,000 people. There’s been a lot of consumer demand for the event, which will enable people to get their hands on games before […]

13 years ago

Bras headlines

  • "Sexy" Gemma wants to design Wii-bra

    Just as Friday reached the afternoon deathzone, Gemma arrived to brighten up our lives. Apparently, Gemma’s waps are so massive they get in the way of her Wii-playing, so much so she’d like to create a range of bras for ladies that share her predicament.“I have to wear two bras when I go running at […]

    13 years ago