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  • Braid PC has a level editor

    Jon Blow’s confirmed on the Steam forum that a level editor has been included in the PC version of Braid: Yeah, after I get a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post some documentation […]

  • Braid makes its way onto PC, Steam, and other direct download sites

    Braid is finally available on PC, folks. Start dancing in the streets right now. Available through various direct download sites, the folks over at Steam were the ones who sent us notice, so they get the credit. It’ll set you back $14.99.

  • Braid PC demo out now

    Greenhouse just posted up a demo of the PC version of Jon Blow’s Braid. It’s 120Mb and contains a good chunk of the time-warping puzzler. You can unlock the full thing for $15. Thanks, RPS.

  • Braid PC delayed 10 days

    The PC version of Jon Blow puzzler Braid’s been delayed by 10 days to April 10. The game’s planned for release on Steam, Greenhouse, Impulse, and GamersGate, so if you haven’t played the time-warping award-winner on 360 yet, you may as well give it a waz on your desktop. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • GDC: Braid cost $200k to make, says Blow

    Talking at GDC 09 in San Francisco, Braid creator Jonathan Blow has revealed that the rather superb puzzler cost around $200,000 to make. However, he reckons if he lived in squalor whilst creating it, he could have cut costs even further: “Also, a lot of that 200k was spent because I didn’t want to live […]

  • Steam's indie games sale is great for the wallet

    Steam has quite a few indie games on sale now through Sunday – some are only $4.49. Loads of demos are available too, in case you have a fear of commitment or just wanna try something new. Here’s some of what’s on offer: And Yet It Moves Between The Graveyard The Path The Maw Musaic […]

  • Blow's next game "different in almost every way from Braid"

    Braid developer Jon Blow has told UK mag Total PC Gaming that his next project will be a complete departure from his time-bending smash. “I’ve got a lot of projects that I’m always thinking about, and I’ve got one that I’ve started that’s very different in almost every way from Braid,” he said. Despite Blow’s […]

  • PC Braid going to Steam

    In probably the largest shock in PC gaming news history, Braid was confirmed as a Steam release today. The newest version of Jon Blow’s time-warping puzzler is out on March 31, and will cost $15.

  • Braid reduced to 800 MS Points

    Braid will be available for 800 MS Points today, as opposed to the normal 1,200, Nelson’s confirmed. After the successful run the deal of the week had last December, we’re bringing it back on a regular basis. Starting Monday, February 23rd Xbox LIVE Gold members will receive a discount on a different piece of content […]

  • Blow drops Braid PC to $15

    Developer Jonathan Blow’s announced a drop of $5 to the PC version of Braid, as seen on his blog. “Yesterday, Stardock announced that they would be selling Braid at the end of March for $19.95,” he said. “This price has proven to be unpopular in certain areas of the Internets, so I’ve reduced it to […]

  • PC Braid releasing on March 31

    Offworld’s reporting that the PC version of Braid will release on March 31 for $20. It’ll appear on Stardock’s Impulse distribution platform for definite, but don’t be too shocked if Steam gets a look in as well. Thanks, IndieGames.

  • Braid creator hard at work on 2D RPG – for now

    Jonathan Blow, the man whose melodically beating heart birthed XBLA title Braid, is unsurprisingly working on something new. Speaking with Gamasutra, Blow dubbed his latest a 2D role-playing game. “Yeah. It’s an RPG right now, a 2D RPG that I’m working on,” he said. However, the game’s destiny is far from set in stone. “You […]

  • Braid blog complains as MS charge for theme - doesn’t like giving things for free

    The latest entry on the Braid game site says that it would have loved to not have charged a penny for the new Braid theme on Xbox Live Marketplace but as “Microsoft doesn’t like giving things out for free,” they kind of had to. “Unfortunately, we had to charge the standard Premium Theme price of […]

  • Braid PC for "February-March 2009"

    Jonathan Blow’s Braid will release on PC in “February-March 2009,” the developer’s said on his blog. Blow had originally planned to release the platformer’s new version this year, but… didn’t. “I had originally announced the release date for the end of 2008, but for various reasons, this hasn’t happened,” said Blow. “Once we slipped into […]

  • Time does top 10 games of 2008, GTA IV is top

    Time Magazine has published its top ten video games of the year, with GTA IV at number one. “It’s a grade-A shoot-’em-up that doubles as an interactive novel and triples as a sly critique of American consumer culture,” says the piece. Jonathon Blow’s platformer Braid comes in at number two, while LittleBigPlanet takes third. The […]

  • Braid costs Blow $180,000

    According to this Wall Street Journal piece, XBLA platformer Braid cost developer Jonathan Blow $180,000 of his own money. The game’s already sold around 30,000 units – probably a lot more by now – at 1,200 MS Points per throw, so that wasn’t the silliest investment he ever made. More through the link.

  • Braid sells nearly 30k, is highest ranked XBLA game

    According to this official Braid blog post, the platformer is now the best ranked game ever released on XBLA, with a Metacritic average of 92 percent. Designer Jon Blow also quotes a VGChartz figure there, which is generally unwise, claiming the game has sold around 28,500 units in the past week, describing the number as […]

  • Blow: "Unnecessary" XBLA hurdles hurt game quality

    Braid designer Jonathan Blow has hit out as XBLA regulations, saying that restrictions on the service are damaging the quality of its games. “They removed some of the requirements for XBLA games, but there are still a lot of requirements, and I believe that, at least for a single-player game like my game, the vast […]

  • Blow is "okay" with Braid pricing

    Speaking on Braid’s official site, developer Jonathan Blow’s said that he’s not overly keen on Microsoft setting the price for the game at 1,200 MS Points, but he’ll suffer it. My feeling was that Microsoft would price the game at 1200 no matter what I said; however, I never pushed them to that point. Late […]

  • Braid up on Live

    The Major’s announced that Braid is now available for download on Live. Eurogamer gave the arty platformer a 10 this morning, so at least try the demo. The full game’s 1,200 MS Points.

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