Saturday Shorts: Uncharted 3, Inafune, Bloodforge, Batman, Postal 3, Transformers, The Office

Oh what a day. And it isn’t even over yet, even though it should have been a while ago. Let’s get these shorts out of the way so we can get back to BlizzCon stuff, shall we? We can always have our soup later.

9 years ago

Borg headlines

  • Prepare to be assimilated - Borg conflicts arise in Star Trek Online

    Star Trek Online players will be pleased to know that not only can they look forward to more Klingon content being released for the MMO, but more PvP as well.Oh yeah, and the Borg.

    11 years ago
  • Star Trek Online to kick off with Borg battle

    Star Trek Online will kick off with a Borg battle when the game launches on February 2. Exciting, huh?

    11 years ago
  • Borg to be in Star Trek Online? Probably

    In a fictional update on the official site, an interview with Voyager character Seven of Nine has given a less than subtle hint that Borg are to feature in Cryptic’s Star Trek Online.“When do you think we’ll see the Borg again?” the former Borg drone is asked.“I cannot predict when, only that it will happen.”Recently, […]

    12 years ago