Blue Omega

Entire Damnation team laid off

Blue Omega programmer Geoff Rowland has confirmed on his Twitter account that the Damnation team is no more. “The entire Blue Omega team was laid off today (well, starting Friday),” he said. Shacknews has dug up some legal docs surrounding Damnation’s development, none of it pretty. There’s plenty there to pick over, should you be […]

Blue Omega headlines

  • Damnation gets ready for release with new assets

    Blue Omega and Codemasters will release Damnation on Steam, PC, PS3 and X360 in the UK tomorrow, and to get folks ready, some screens and a multiplayer video were handed out. The video is after the break and the screens are over on Shack. Come May 27, North America will get its hands on the […]

  • Pre-purchase Damnation through Steam, get Second Sight free

    Damnation is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. Should you lay down the cash for it, you will get a copy of Free Radical’s stealth-action game Second Sight, for free. Damnation will be available worldwide on May 22.

  • Damnation video details storyline, villains, super soldiers

    The video posted after the break shows loads of footage from Damnation, along with lead game designer Jacob Minkoff chatting about the villains you will be up against in the game. Looks and sounds interesting, what with all the steam powered machines, guns and what look like super soldiers. Game’s out for PC, PS3 and […]

  • Damnation assets show off a fine looking game

    Damnation assets popped up over on CVG earlier this afternoon. Five screens and a trailer are posted. Looks mighty fine. You should go take a look. Codemasters confirmed a May 22 release for the shooter on PS3 and Xbox 360 just last week.

  • Damnation to release May 22, gets four new shots

    Codemasters just confirmed a May 22 release date for Damnation, Blue Omega’s “vertical” steampunk shooter. The PS3 and 360 title was supposed to launch last year, but sort of didn’t. Get the screens below.

  • Damnation shots have guns, acrobatics

    Blue Omega has released a few new shots of upcoming steampunk-inspired shooter, Damnation. Images show some guns, people hanging from things, and a dark, dreary environment. Codematers says it’ll be out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this spring. After the break.

  • Damnation moves to 2009

    Never saw this coming. Codemasters has told Eurogamer that Blue Omega’s Damnation has moved out of 2008 into next year. “Damnation is being rescheduled for an early 2009 release,” said a rep. “The game will be much stronger and better as a result, and will also give people time to get all the pre-holiday releases […]

  • New Damnation trailer shows "verticality"

    On Shacknews. The Blue Omega steampunk action title is about the “shooter gone vertical,” apparently, and it’s looking not half bad. There are new screens over there as well. Game’s out this “winter” for PC, 360 and PS3.

  • A first look at Damnation posted

    On Gamespot. This is the first proper nose at the Codemasters steampunk action game, as far as we’re aware. There are some new screens there, too. From the piece: Visually, Damnation is looking nice. There’s a sort of Wild West steampunk look to the characters and weapons, as well as a great sense of scale […]

  • Few new bits of Damnation art

    RPS got hold of a couple of new bits of art for Codemasters’ upcoming open-level action thingy, Damnation, thanks to the fact the kids over there slagged off the announcement press release. We might try doing that. If we didn’t already. Can we have some exclusive art now, please? Your press releases are rubbish, Codemasters. […]

  • Damnation fully playable in co-op, says Blue Omega

    Blue Omega-developed Damnation – the “shooter gone vertical” to be published by Codemasters this winter – will feature buddy-buddy action from beginning to end. “The single-player campaign is fully playable in two-player co-op,” chief designer Jacob Minkoff told videogaming247, adding, “After just one multiplayer match, trust me – you’ll see what makes it different, and […]