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Indie and other games of interest: Become a shark, hunt down vampires

There are a few tidbits of indie and other games of interest stuff past the break this week. One stand out, in our opinion, is Miami Shark, where you literally get to play as one of the giant fish. Awesome stuff.Also, there’s the usual free stuff, sneak peeks and a barrage of other stuff you […]

11 years ago

Blitz 1>up headlines

  • Oliver on Blitz Arcade and Blitz 1>UP - "Digital distribution is the future"

    Blitz boss Philip Oliver has told VG247 that he believes digital distribution is “the future” for smaller games, and has outlined progress made with Blitz 1>UP, an in-house program designed to help tiny developers see their titles become commercial products.And why not? Oliver says that digital distribution allows for “experimental” games, micro-payments and piracy protection, […]

    12 years ago