Black Rock

Split/Second 2 assets are likely its first and last showing

Today’s episode of What Might Have Been comes courtesy of Split/Second 2, almost certainly lost forever in the closure of developer Black Rock Studios.

Black Rock headlines

  • Confirmed - Split/Second dev Black Rock to close

    Brighton-based Split/Second and Pure developer Black Rock Studios is set to close, with 40 people made redundant, Disney’s confirmed to VG247.

  • Black Rock hiring for game director with "understanding of free-to-play gaming"

    A job listing posted by Black Rock Studios has the firm looking to hire a game director for a possible free-to-play title.

  • Ex-Black Rock staff form Roundcube Entertainment

    Two ex-Black Rock staffers have founded a new studio, Roundcube Entertainment, in the wake of dramatic lay-offs at the Disney-owned developer.

  • Disney confirms lay-offs at Black Rock

    Disney Interactive has confirmed to VG247 that it has laid off an unspecified number of employees at Black Rock.

  • Disney to "probably" invest less in console games

    Disney CEO Bob Iger has said the company is to “probably” invest less in its console gaming efforts in future.

  • Split/Second DLC hitting later this month

    Black Rock has announced over on the official Facebook page for Split/Second three DLC packs for the racer.

  • Develop Awards intro features Mark Rein in a bubble bath

    Mark Rein. In a bubble bath. Playing with Halo and Gears of War dolls. Enough said.

  • May NPD: Alan Wake sells 145,000, beats Blur's 31,000

    Oh dear. Gama‘s posted up NPD figures for Alan Wake, Blur, Split/Second and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sand for the month of May. It’s grim reading, quite frankly.

  • Split/Second footage blows up the boat

    Disney’s put out some more footage of Black Rock racer Split/Second before its release next month. Three words: Boom, boom, pow! After the break.

  • Split/Second goes Downtown in new trailer

    Disney’s released a brand new trailer of OTT Black Rock racer Split/Second. Go give it a watch after the break.

  • Split/Second gets screen explosion

    Disney’s sent out nearly 40 new screens for Black Rock’s Split/Second. Get them after the break.

  • List of GDC Europe speakers starts to thicken up

    Initial speakers for GDC Europe 2009 were announced this morning for the August event in Cologne, Germany. Taking place August 17-19 at the Cologne Congress East Center in Germany, the first set of speakers and their subject matter are as follows: Flower – Design Postmortem by ThatGameCompany’s Kellee Santiago. Surviving Project Cancellation in the Economic […]

  • New Black Rock racer titled Split Second

    According to this IGN report, Black Rock’s soon-to-be-revealed racer is titled Split Second. It’s PC, PS3 and 360, apparently. The game was teased in the middle of February, and will be shown next week.

  • Black Rock teases new racer

    Disney’s Black Rock studio has released a teaser for a new racing project, as you can see after the break. More info’s promised in March. Black Rock was the outfit behind ATV racer Pure.

  • Pure boss: Colour difference between 360 and PS3 is comparable to a "good LCD from a Plasma"

    Speaking to VG247 today, Pure director Jason Avent said that the differences between PS3 and 360 were comparable to the differences between LCD and Plasma TVs. “Their final render hardware seems to produce slightly different results in terms of how colours are represented and one is often softer than the other but it’s really only […]

  • Pure 360-PS3 comparison movie posted’s posted up a comparison video of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Pure. Not much in it, obviously, apart from the colour pallete, maybe. Differences aside, the ATV racer looks excellent, and we’re starting to get nudges that this may very well be one to watch. You can get demos on both PSN […]

  • Pure demos for Live and PSN this Thursday

    According to this Eurogamer piece, demos of Disney’s Pure will be up on Live and PSN this Thursday. The quad-bike racer certainly looks the business, so it’ll be good to see whether or not it can do the do. More through the link.

  • New Pure shots posted

    SI could be bothered to download and post more than 250Mb of Pure screenshots. More flying quad bikes than you could ever need. Take a look.

  • New Pure movie shows big CG

    A new movie here of Disney quad racer Pure, hitting PC, PS3 and 360 this autumn. There’s some new CG in there that gives a good idea that this may well be competition-free at the end of year. We certainly haven’t seen much else like it planned for 2008. Take a look.

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