Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams to release on PSN this spring

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will release on PSN alongside the previously announced XBL Arcade and retail-PC releases in the spring, Black Forest Games has announced. bitComposer holds the worldwide publishing rights forPC and XBLA editions of the game, while Black Forest Games will be responsible for the PSN version. The platformer was released digitally through […]

8 years ago

BitComposer headlines

  • Jagged Alliance developer turns to RPGs with Chaos Chronicles

    Shack News reports the team behind Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, CorePlay, is currently working on a turn-based RPG called Chaos Chronicles. BitComposer is publishing the PC-exclusive, which is due in 2013 and will include single-player or co-op for up to five players. Expect further details over the next few months.

    8 years ago
  • Jagged Alliance: Crossfire dated for September

    Kalypso Media has released new details of the upcoming Jagged Alliance: crossfire, a stand-alone expansion to Back in Action due in September.

    8 years ago
  • Jagged Alliance: Back in Action trailer shows off cinematics

    A new trailer for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action shows Kalypso has ramped up production values on the series reboot.

    9 years ago
  • Jagged Alliance: Back in Action due October 18

    Kalypso has whacked a North American release date on PC classic remake Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

    10 years ago
  • JA 2 remake renamed Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, screened

    Publisher Kalypso has prodded me into remembering the existence of Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded by renaming it as Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and sending in some rather lovely screenshots.

    10 years ago
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat video is a bit creepy

    A new video for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat shows off the irradiated Zone near the Chernobyl.Looks like there are horrific anomalies in the landscape, with dangerous things lurking and lying in wait for you.Spooky. Aim your weapon and don’t miss, because it apparently takes loads of bullets to kill whatever those things are.It’s out this […]

    11 years ago
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat to be published by bitComposer

    bitComposer have been confirmed as the publisher to S.TA.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat worldwide.It comes as developer GSC Game World told VG247 yesterday that an announcement concerning a publisher for the title would be coming very soon.Press release is after the break. It’s due for a fall release on the PC.

    11 years ago