Bird Mania 3D

Nintendo downloads, May 3 – Bird Mania 3D, Super Hang-On, Amoebattle

Nintendo has updated its Virtual Console, eShop and DSiWare offerings this week with Bird Mania 3D on 3DS, Amoebattle and Super Hang-On. More information on each is below.

9 years ago

Bird Mania 3D headlines

  • Bird Mania 3D coming to EU 3DS eShop later this month

    Nintendo Life‘s carrying confirmation that Bird Mania 3D is set to arrive on the 3DS eShop later on this month. The game coming to US 3DS owners as of tomorrow. The game is said to be akin to Jetpack Joyride, according to NL. There’s a trailer of it below.

    9 years ago