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XBLIG developers would like MS to add Achievements, a new storefront, offline play

Xbox Live Indie developers would like to see Microsoft implements a better storefront on the service as well as add Achievements to indie games.

10 years ago

Binary Tweed headlines

  • Xbox Live Community games not "financially viable"

    Clover developer Binary Tweed has told Digital Spy that the Xbox Live Community Games market is too small to be “financially viable”, and that the service’s only use is as an “arena for proving concepts”.“It’s a shame to say that Clover has not sold as many copies as we’d hoped for. As it stands, through […]

    12 years ago
  • Clover makes it through Xbox Live peer review process

    Daniel “Deejay” Jones has tweeted that Binary Tweed’s Clover has passed peer review.Won’t be much longer until it’s on Xbox Live, hopefully.Deejay is currently on holiday, but promises to provide more details on Monday.Check back with us then.

    12 years ago
  • Binary Tweed releases Clover gameplay video with sad music

    Binary Tweed has put out a trailer for Clover. It’s expected to arrive on Xbox 360 Community Games soon and will run you 400 MS Points ($5.00).Daniel “Deejay” Jones said on the company blog that the game would be out by now if not for a “framework bug in Microsoft’s XNA”, and what he considers […]

    12 years ago
  • Clover could land on Xbox 360 "as early as next week"

    Binary Tweed has announced that Clover may hit Xbox 360 Community Games soon.Daniel “Deejay” Jones posted on the company’s blog that he hopes the upcoming puzzle-platformer will be submitted to peer review this weekend. If all goes well, Clover could see a release “as early as next week.” Clover will run you 400 MS Points […]

    12 years ago
  • Binary Tweed announces Clover for XBLA

    UK developer Binary Tweed is working on Clover, a new puzzler for Microsoft’s XBLA that features platforming and political themes.“The game is set in a medieval world where a ruling monarchy co-exists with a welfare state. Recently orphaned hero Sam travels around collecting stuff, solving logic problems and chatting to other characters,” writes EG.“Clover is […]

    12 years ago