Bill Trinen

Nintendo feels 3DS will “take off” in the US this year thanks to upcoming release slate

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen believes 3Ds will “take off” in the US this year, thanks to the amount of titles in the works.

8 years ago

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    With Wii U out in North America and launching in Europe at the end of the month, it’s obvious Nintendo will be focusing solely on developing first-party titles for its new system, but if you had any doubts on the matter, NoA director of product marketing Bill Trinen said this is indeed the case. When […]

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    Wii U will have games which use dual-Gamepads “sometime next year,” NoA has told 1UP. GamePads won’t be sold separately in the US at launch, as in Japan, due to the fact it may cause confusion among consumers since there aren’t any games require two at the moment. “The launch window is all going to […]

    8 years ago