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Movie – Burnout Paradise bikes: watch a complete challenge

Criterion and EA launched the Burnout Paradise Bike Patch this morning, and you’re probably wondering what it looks like and what it’s like to play. Fear not: we’re here for you.After the drop is a video of us playing from the beginning of the update, which takes you straight to a junk yard and presents […]

12 years ago

Bikes Patch headlines

  • Burnout Paradise PS3 bikes patch out now, 360 within hour (update)

    The Burnout Paradise bikes patch is now live for PS3 in Europe, and is though to be going live for 360 within the hour.Some users are apparently claiming the NTSC version’s shipped, but we’re still trying to verify that.Update: It’s gone live on 360 now. More here.Update 2: You can watch a full bike challenge […]

    12 years ago