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WRC 4 teaser gives a glimpse of Sweden track

WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 gives you the chance to utterly ruin a serene snowy landscape, as seen in this teaser trailer for the Sweden rally track.

Bigben Interactive headlines

  • WRC 4 to release in October for PC, PS3, Vita and Xbox 360

    Bigben Interactive in collaboration with Milestone, has announced WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 will be released this October.

  • Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends hits Europe July 6

    After several months of silence, Slightly Mad Studios has re-surfaced clutching a copy of Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. The racer is now scheduled to launch in Europe on July, according to a post on the game’s Facebook page, although only PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases were noted. We had expected it on PC […]

  • Test Drive: Ferrari gets first shots, Slightly Mad apparently confirmed as dev

    Polish site Gry-Online has published what are apparently the first screens of Test Drive: Ferrari following the game’s announced by BigBen Interactive back in November. A developer hadn’t been confirmed up until now, but the site’s claiming Shift 2 developer Slightly Mad Studios is handling it, as previously speculated. Get the shots at the link. […]

  • Test Drive: Ferrari announced for March release

    Bigben Interactive has announced a new entry in the Test Drive franchise, building on one of the hottest licenses in racing.

  • Cyberbike game and peripheral for Wii revealed

    Those who are a bit tired of Yoga, Aerobics, and hoola-hooping with their Wii can soon get a bike peripheral along with a game to get in shape. Bigben Interactive has unveiled the Cyberbike, which is expected to get you fit via virtual cycling and riding “some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined”. There […]