Big Fish Games

Big Fish now publishes Android apps for PC and Mac users

Big Fish Games is introducing a new application programming interface that will allow the company’s clients to publish Android games to the company’s app store. From there they’ll be available to PC and Mac users everywhere.

7 years ago

Big Fish Games headlines

  • Big Fish Games netted $220 million in 2012

    Big Fish Games is a social and indie PC developer that I admittedly hadn’t heard of until today, nor do I recognise any of its titles. Regardless, it made $220 million last year alone, and has surpassed $2 billion lifetime downloads. Next round is on them right?

    8 years ago
  • All-you-can-eat streaming game subscriptions debut on the App Store

    Apple has greenlit a streaming subscription games service from Big Fish games, the first of its kind on the App Store.

    9 years ago
  • US PC download sales surpass retail sales, says NPD

    NPD’s just sent out a notice announcing that PC downloads have passed retail sales for the first six months of the year in the US.

    10 years ago
  • Big Fish Games releases Drawn: The Painted Tower

    Big Fish Games has released a point-and-click PC puzzle game called Drawn: The Painted Tower.Available for digital download through the publisher’s official site for $6.99, it is rather lovely looking if we’re being honest.Game description from the site:Unravel the secrets of the Painted Tower while overcoming challenging puzzles on your quest to save Iris. A […]

    11 years ago