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Sex confirmed for Assassin’s Creed II

Move over BioWare: your sexy game throne is about to be challenged. Assassin’s Creed II director Benoit Lambert’s confirmed to VG247 that his free-running sequel contains a bit of the old uppy-tiger-squealy-monkey.“Ezio is a womaniser,” said the developer, speaking in response to a reader question.“There’s a bit of sex. I can’t say more.”Ubi in hot […]

11 years ago

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  • Assassin's Creed II - your questions answered by director Benoit Lambert

    We asked you what you wanted to know about Assassin’s Creed II. You gave us questions. We went to London and asked them to game director Benoit Lambert. He answered them.The results are below. For the record, what we saw of the game – a mission in Venice – looked incredible.Did you get your question […]

    11 years ago