Ben Ward

Tiny Invaders dev Hogrocket “is on indefinite hiatus”

Studio set up from the ashes of Bizarre Creations has shut down just 18 months after beginning its operations.

8 years ago

Ben Ward headlines

  • Bizarre was "too ambitious" under Activision, says ex-staffer

    Ex Bizarre team member, and now founder of recently-opened iOS studio Hogrocket, Ben Ward, has said the PGR and Blur developer was “too ambitious” whilst it was under the control of Activision.

    10 years ago
  • Bizzare Creations to use Blur tech in future games

    Bizarre Creations’ Ben Ward has been talking up Blur and the tech the firm created so that up to 20 players can be racing around the game together via multiplayer.Turns out, according to Ward, the developers will be using this same bi of tech in future games.“Obviously there were new challenges that had to be […]

    11 years ago