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Batman: Arkham Origins – senior producer Ben Mattes talks story, origins, bashing criminals

Batman: Arkham Origins is the latest entry in the caped crusader franchise and there’ more to it than just going around beating up criminals: like the title suggests, it’s an origin story, and one that senior producer Ben Mattes is passionate about. Watch below as verses VG247’s Sam Clay on all things Batman.

7 years ago

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  • GDC: PoP boss says no-death mechanic was a "mistake" of "attitudes"

    Prince of Persia dev boss Ben Mattes has told a gathering at GDC that the no-death mechanic in last year’s franchise re-boot was a “mistake” in terms of projecting his own opinions on the game.“I guess I made the mistake of projecting my own attitudes,” he said, as reported by MTV.“I believed that, as a […]

    12 years ago
  • Team ICO big inspiration for new Prince of Persia

    In an epic fan Q&A on the PlayStation Blog, Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes has admitted Team ICO’s output has played a major role in conceptualising the imminent Ubi platformer, saying the Japanese developer is home to “incredible talent”.“Team ICO is definitely an inspiration for us and both Shadow Of The Colossus as well […]

    12 years ago
  • "Significant" DLC planned for Prince of Persia

    Ubi producer Ben Mattes has confirmed that Prince of Persia DLC is very much on the cards.“We certainly have plans for downloadable content, [but] we can’t really say more than that right now,” Mattes told Gamersyde in a video interview.“The intention is to do downloadable content that adds significant value, so I don’t think you’ll […]

    12 years ago
  • New Prince of Persia video exposes Elika

    After the break. See Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes talk about Elika, what’s she’s there for, how she’s used within the game, and all manner of Elika-related titbits. Game’s out in December. Check it out.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago
  • Second PoP dev diary released

    On CVG. There’s some back-story on a new boss in there and a new speed drawing. Also a bit of a chat with the lead animator and producer Ben Mattes.Game’s out at the beginning of December for PC, 360 and PS3.

    12 years ago
  • Prince of Persia conference gameplay video released

    Taken from the Ubisoft press conference last night, producer Ben Mattes guides us through one of the levels in Prince of Persia.All we’re going to say is this: you owe it to yourselves to watch these videos. Prince of Persia is simply one of the best looking games we’ve seen. By Mike Bowden

    13 years ago
  • Ubisoft not afraid to let PoP drop, says Mattes

    Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes has told Eurogamer that he will have no qualms about releasing Prince of Persia in 2009 if need be.“Obviously we’re not going to release the game if the quality’s not there, that’s for sure,” said Mattes when asked how much leeway the team had if they weren’t 100 percent […]

    13 years ago
  • Eurogamer posts Prince of Persia preview

    Eurogamer is running a three-page, hands-off preview of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia.Not much is there in terms of gameplay as it’s mainly an interview with producer Ben Mattes, but there is some new stuff on the last page detailing how your female companion, Elika, is utilised.“The ‘Elika button’ – triangle on PS3, which the game’s […]

    13 years ago
  • PoP4's Elika could star in her own game, says Mattes

    Eurogamer is reporting that according to producer Ben Mattes, new Prince of Persia character Elika could star in her very own game.“Princess of Persia? Sure, why not, that’d be fun,” said Mattes when asked about the possibility of an Elika spin-off.“If my boss came along tomorrow and said, ‘I want you to take this region, […]

    13 years ago
  • New PoP is "spiritual successor to Sands of Time"

    Speaking to CVG at Ubidays last week, Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes said that the upcoming franchise reboot will hark back to the greatness of Sands of Time. Alienation’s off the menu, apparently.“You’ve seen some dark stuff because that’s kind of what we want to show you at the start, but more than anything […]

    13 years ago
  • Prince of Persia producer: Harrison's wrong about single-player games

    Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes reckons Atari head Phil Harrison’s got it wrong when he says unconnected, single-player games are on the way out. Well he would, wouldn’t he.“I read that, and I don’t totally agree,” Mattes told Eurogamer. “I know where he’s coming from – I certainly see a lot of the industry […]

    13 years ago