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Ben Feder to step down as Take Two CEO from January 1

Take Two’s announced Ben Feder will stand down as CEO of the publisher, effective as of January 1, 2011.

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  • Take-Two: Used game market is "interesting" and "something we should participate in"

    Take-Two CEO Ben Feder told attendees at the G7 Think Equity conference last week the used game market is “interesting” and something developers should take part in.

  • Feder: PS3 with Move is Wii HD

    Take Two CEO Ben Feder has told attendees at an investors event that Wii HD exists today in the form of PS3 and Move.

  • Mafia II to be a "profitable title," says Take-Two

    Take-Two said last night it expects Mafia II to be a “profitable title”.

  • BioShock 2 was not "hugely successful," admits Feder

    Take-Two CEO Ben Feder has admitted that BioShock 2 wasn’t the smash it should have been.

  • 3D to be bigger deal at E3 than motion controllers

    Natal and Move? They’re so last year. 3D is the new black at E3 this year.

  • Feder: Take Two a lot more then "the ‘GTA company’"

    Grand Theft Auto is great, sure. Outside of the Daily Mail lot, everyone loves it. But Take Two wants you to see it more than just as “the ‘GTA’ company”.

  • Take-Two: CEO Feder to stand down from Board

    Take-Two’s just said that three members of its Board are to be replaced at shareholders’ requests, including CEO Ben Feder.

  • GTA does not need to be an "annual franchise"

    Grand Theft Auto titles do not need to be annualized said Take-Two during its Q4 fiscal call to investors. According to Take-Two, GTA is a strong enough franchise that it does not need a new release annually, especially with the completion of the GTA IV story through DLC proving to remain profitable. Guess GTA V […]

  • Borderlands expected to become a "key franchise" for Take-Two

    Borderlands’ expected to become a “key franchise” for Take-Two, according to both big bossman Strauss Zelnick and CEO Ben Feder. This bit was cemented by the game’s “successful launch”. So, it looks like there is more Borderlands in our future. The call is ongoing, we’ll let you know if there is anything else you should […]

  • LA Noire is "exciting" and "innovative," says Feder

    Not only is LA Noire not dead, but it’s also “innovative”. Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said so in the publisher’s Q3 earnings call last night. “It’s in development,” he said in response to a direct question on the game’s status from Janco’s Mike Hickey. “Nothing to announce today. When we have more to announce we […]

  • All Take-Two games "need to have a download component," says Feder

    During the Take-Two Q3 2009 financial call tonight, company CEO Ben Feder told investors that while retail is important, downloadable content is a main component to the company’s game releases. “It’s clear that retail is the channel for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, there is a download component to a lot of our games, and there’ll […]

  • Take-Two: Natal dev kits "embedded in just about all of our studios"

    Take-Two CEO Ben Feder told investors during the company’s Q3 2009 financial call today that motion sensor kits are currently in-house and in the hands of its development teams right now. “Natal motion-sensors – yes we have dev kits, yes we’re working on them,” he said. “Obviously, we can’t comment on games we haven’t announced. […]

  • Max Payne 3 joins BioShock 2 in FY2010

    While BioShock 2’s delay into fiscal 2010 quite rightly dominated last night’s confessional press release and subsequent conference call from Take-Two, you may not have noticed that it wasn’t the only big game to take a tumble. Max Payne 3 has also been pushed into the next financial year, having been originally planned for a […]

  • Agent is "about espionage, set in the 1970s"

    Agent, the PS3 “exclusive” Take-Two announced in Sony’s press conference at E3, is set in the 70s, Take-Two boss Ben Feder’s told EG. “It’s a completely different storyline, there is completely different character development,” the exec said of the title’s similarities to GTA. “It’s a game about espionage, set in the 1970s. GTA is obviously […]

  • Feder - PS3 exclusivity will "help launch" Agent

    Take-Two boss Ben Feder has explained the reasoning at announcing Agent as a PS3 exclusive at E3, citing timed GTA PS2 exclusives as examples of how the strategy can work for a franchise. “The trade-offs a publisher will typically make is, if you’re platform-agnostic, you get a larger installed base,” he said, speaking to Gamespot […]

  • Game CEOs make loads more than you do

    Ever wonder what game industry CEOs make in a year?  It’s loads more than any of us, we guarantee. According to The Game Trade Journal, between bonuses, stock options and incentives, the following CEOs are paid the most according to proxy statements filed with the SEC. Activision – Bobby Kotick: $14.9 Million; Base pay is […]

  • Wii "viable" for mature content, says Feder

    Speaking in an earnings call following the release of full-year financials last night, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said the firm was taking a harder look as which mature games could be brought to Wii. “We believe we’ll continue to benefit from the growing install base of the Nintendo Wii,” said Feder. “Our relationship with Nintendo […]

  • Old GTA games sold 1 million units in May-July

    Speaking in an earnings call following the release of Q3 financials last night, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said that old GTA titles have sold in seven figure units for the quarter. “More than one million units of previous GTA titles were sold in the third quarter of fiscal 2008 alone,” said the exec. “Based on […]

  • Rockstar launching new GTA IV campaign for autumn and Christmas

    In Take-Two’s third-quarter earnings call last night, CEO Ben Feder said that Rockstar is planning a new Christmas push for GTA IV. “Rockstar is launching a new marketing and PR campaign which will start in the fall and extend into the Holiday season,” said the exec. “Also as a must-have game for all fans of […]

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