Beautiful Katamari

Mass Effect, Forza 2 in Live Marketplace sale

Still have the original Mass Effect? Jolly smashing news for you, then: the game’s first DLC pack, Bring Down the Sky, has been discounted massively on Xbox Live Marketplace.

10 years ago

Beautiful Katamari headlines

  • Microsoft drops price of Live DLC

    The Major brings word that the price of a bunch of Live DLC has been dropped in the wake of heavy Xbox 360 console price cutting in both Japan and the US this week.Content for Forza 2, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Guitar Hero 3 and Beautiful Katamari is now cheaper, so get it while you […]

    12 years ago
  • Katamari Wii canned, says Wal-Mart

    Update: This looks very suspect, frankly. The game was never even officially announced. So this story is, “Game that was never announced has been canned according to US retailer.” And for that we truly apologise.According to this TripleTags story, Beatiful Katamari has been canned for Wii.The news comes from an email just sent out by […]

    12 years ago
  • Beautiful Katamari demo releases on Euro Live

    Aparently it’s not as great as the other ones, but now at least you can find out for yourself. The demo for Beautiful Katamari, to be released in Europe in March, is now available on Xbox Live in Europe. Details:Content: Katamari Demo Price: Free Availability: Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (Canada, Mexico, and United States) […]

    12 years ago