Molyneux on BC: “We’re not saying it’s never going to come out”

Reader interaction… IN ACTION. We asked you to put your questions to Peter Molyneux, and he very kindly answered a few on the phone for us on Monday.First up, Newbie101 with this: “Please ask him where BC is. Has it officially been canceled or is it still ‘suspended,’ and why was it suspended?”Here you go:This […]

12 years ago

Bc headlines

  • British Columbia warns on Montreal tax incentives

    This Canadian newspaper report warns that the British Columbian games development industry is being damaged by (considerable) tax breaks offered in Quebec to companies that set up development studios there. Those in BC are worried that, unsurprisingly, all the talent’s upping sticks and setting up in Montreal.“We would love to see the BC government step […]

    13 years ago