Resident Evil 6 has at least 255 minutes of cutscene

Just how long can you sit quietly in your chair watching the cast of Resident Evil 6 get on with it? Over four hours, apparently.

Bbfc headlines

  • VSC: "PEGI is stricter than the BBFC"

    With PEGI about to take over full-time compulsory game ratings in the UK, Video Standards Council boss Laurie Hall, the man in charge of implementing PEGI in Britain, has said its system will be stricter that the BBFC ratings currently in place.

  • Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition on its way

    A listing for Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition cropped up on the British Board of Film Classification, before being removed, Eurogamer is reporting. The bundle includes both Bioshock and Bioshock 2, along with all previously released DLC and has been handed a mature, 18+ rating. There’s currently no word on platforms, release date or price but […]

  • UKIE hedges July 23 PEGI introduction

    After literally years of delays, the UKIE hopes Britain’s dual games rating system will be supplanted by the pan-European PEGI by the end of next month.

  • BBFC lists Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for June 30 release

    The British Board of Film Classification has rated Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition, which the site states will be made available on June 30. The classification fails to note whether the existing DLC will be included, but it’s safe to assume it will following the footsteps of previous releases and include all the […]

  • BBFC rates Resistance 3, God of War Collection Vol. II

    Sony hasn’t said much regarding its God of War: Origins collection since E3, but today the BBFC has listed the collection, which includes Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, and a God of War documentary. Called the God of War Collection Volume II, which is likely its European title. It is, of course, rated 18 and was classified […]

  • BBFC: Gears 3 cut-scenes to last 90 minutes

    The BBFC’s fully rated Gears of War 3, saying that the cut-scenes in its campaign will last 90 minutes throughout. The game, which has unsurprisingly been given an 18, adds – shock – that it contains “strong bloody violence,” but no cuts were made. And that’s that. The final part in Marcus Fenix’s story releases […]

  • SSFIV: Arcade Edition outed by BBFC

    The BBFC has rated the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV as a 15, listing a June 24 release date.

  • Alice: Madness Returns rated for the UK

    The BBFC has given its final rating for EA’s upcoming sequel to American McGee’s Alice, saying it’ll have a 15 certificate when it releases in the UK.

  • Shadows of the Damned, Duke Nukem Forever rated by BBFC

    The BBFC’s rated both Grasshopper’s Shadows of the Damned and Gearbox’s Duke Nukem Forever for the UK. For the Suda and Mikami-made horror, it got an 18 with no cuts made. Cut scenes in the game are up to a combined 64 minutes. DNF, meanwhile, was also given an 18 with no cuts made. Cut […]

  • BBFC: Yakuza 4 has 6 hours of cut-scenes

    A recent BBFC listing for Yakuza 4 has shown the title will feature six hours worth of cut-scenes.

  • PEGI UK age rating implementation delayed until September

    It’s been reported that the full implementation of PEGI as the sole age ratings body in the UK has been delayed until fall at the latest.

  • Dragon Age 2 given BBFC 18 rating

    The BBFC’s classified Dragon Age 2 with an 18 rating for its UK release. The title has a 103 minutes of cut-scenes and passed with no cuts made. The BioWare RPG’s out in the UK on March 11 for PS3, 360 and PC.

  • Homefront gets BBFC 15 rating

    The BBFC’s given a 15 rating for upcoming Kaos shooter Homefront. The game passed with no cuts made to it, and will feature 46 minutes worth of cut-scenes. The game’s out in March for PS3, 360 and PC.

  • Killzone 3 rated 18 by BBFC, contains at least 70 mins of cutscene

    The UK’s Board of Film Classification has awarded Guerilla Games’ Killzone 3 a rating of 18, for “strong bloody violence and strong language” found in the 70 minutes of submitted cutscenes. Too bloody right, mate.

  • Black Ops gets 18 rating from BBFC

    The BBFC’s just listed the classification rating for Call of Duty: Black Ops, giving it an 18.

  • Vanquish gets BBFC 15 rating

    The BBFC’s given OTT Sega actioner Vanquish a 15 rating in the UK.

  • Alan Wake gets UK 15

    The BBFC’s put a 15 rating on Remedy thriller Alan Wake in the UK.

  • BBFC: Heavy Rain warrants 15 rating despite heavy adult themes

    The British Board of Film Classification has said that, despite Heavy Rain depicting child murder, a serial killer and prostitution, it still warrants a 15 rating.

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