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  • Battlefield 3: Battlelog offline for maintenance tomorrow

    Battlefield 3’s Battlelog service will experience some downtime tomorrow while the service undergoes an update, DICE has confirmed.

  • Origin, Battlefield downtime scheduled for tomorrow

    The Battlefield Twitter has announced a downtime for Origin, Battlelog and Battlefield 3 multiplayer from 10:00PM PST July 18 to 01:30AM PST July 19. Although no further announcement has been made, the multiplayer portion of any other EA PC games which rely on Origin – such as Mass Effect 3 – will also be inaccessible […]

  • Battlelog to go down today ahead of BF Premium launch

    DICE has confirmed Battlelog will go down today until an hour before the EA E3 press conference.

  • Battlelog app launched for iOS

    DICE has launched a new Battlelog app for iOS devices. The app will include Battlefeed, which will show what new awards and weapons your friends unlock in Battlefield 3, and the Com Center, which’ll show your friends list and the server they’re on plus more. Get it here from iTunes for iPod Touch, iPad and […]

  • Users who downloaded BF3 on PSN having issues signing into Battlelog

    EA has confirmed there are some “issues” with the downloadable version of Battlefield 3 on PS3, which is preventing players from signing into the game’s Battlelog service. Currently a patch is in the works, with a release date to be announced, according to Sony Europe’s community manager. EA has said its worldwide customer service department […]

  • Battlelog inspired by Facebook, Halo Waypoint, others

    DICE drew inspiration from a number of existing networks as it developed Battlefield 3’s social service, Battlelog.

  • Battlelog video discusses how to create a personalized Platoon in Battlefield 3

    DICE has released a video which provides the viewer a with a look at how to create their own Platoon in Battlefield 3 using the new Battlelog feature. Platoons, which are the game’s version of clans, will be able view their own stats and leaderboards through Battlelog and participate in voicechat with other members. BF3 […]

  • EA: Battlefield 3's Battlelog won't go premium

    EA has quashed speculation it will emulate Activision by bringing in a premium version of its Battlefield 3 service, Battlelog.

  • Battlefield 3 in-game server browser for consoles, not PC

    Additional details reveal that the PC version’s main game menu will be the Battlelog home page. I feel like I’m kicking a hornet’s nest.

  • More shots of BF3's Battlelog service pop up

    More shots of the Battlelog service for Battlefield 3 have been posted by BF3blog. The shots show off statistics, profiles, status updates, friends, chat, and the rest of its social features. There are also individual sections showing off awards and weapons. Hit up the shots through the link. Thanks, Timur.

  • DICE details Battlelog in latest BF3 blog update

    DICE has updated the Battlefield Blog with information on Battlelog, BF3’s new social network, after shots of it leaked out last week.

  • First shots from Battlefield 3's Battlelog hit the net

    The first shots from Battlefield 3’s Battlelog feature have popped up. The shots were posted over on the German language version of the Battlefield Blog, and the English version doesn’t have these posted as of yet, but hopefully it will soon. EA has said in the past that bringing Battlelog over to BF3 was “mission […]

  • Gibeau: Bringing Battlelog over to BF3 was "mission one"

    EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has said that introducing Battlelog for Battlefield 3 was merely what it called “mission one” in Battlefield’s social experience.

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