Battlefield 3 Premium

Coming soon to Xbox Live: Sleeping Dogs deal of the week, Zeno Clash 2, State of Decay

Sleeping Dogs deal of the week, Zeno Clash 2, and more are coming to the XBL Marketplace. It all starts today with the with the Crysis 3: Multiplayer Map Pack and tomorrow’s release of State of Decay.

Battlefield 3 Premium headlines

  • Battlefield 3 DLC sale goes live on XBL Marketplace

    Consider this a friendly reminder that all Battlefield 3 DLC is 50% off from today through May 20 on Xbox Live. The sale was announced last week as part of Microsoft’s “coming soon” update. Battlefield 3: Premium is also on sale for 30% off.

  • Battlefield 3 Premium gets 5 new assignments

    Battlefield 3 Premium developer DICE has given subscribers five new assignment challenges to tackle online. We’ve got the full list of what you need to do below.

  • Battlefield 3 Premium: Armored Kill live on Xbox 360 today, patch notes here

    Battlefield 3 premium members can get stuck in to DICE’s latest expansion pack Armored Kill. The expansion focuses on vehicular combat and comes with a hefty dose of patch notes. You can check out the patch notes below to see if your favourite gun has been reduced to a baby’s toy.

  • Battlefield 3 Premium users get Double XP exclusively this weekend

    Battlefield 3 Premium users will be getting an exclusive Double XP weekend staring, well, this weekend. The event runs from August 25 -26, but if you “share” the fact it’s happening via Facebook, DICE will extend the event. So, join the sharing here. Start times can be found on the Battelfield Blog along with a […]

  • Rumour - Battlefield 3 Premium trailer leaked

    Get your first peek at EA’s long-rumoured answer to Call of Duty Elite, Battlefield 3 Premium.

  • EU PS Store outs Battlefield 3 Premium for June 4 release

    Battlefield 3 Premium will release on June 4, according to the EU PS Update. It is slated to launch the same day as the Close Quarters map and will run you £39.99/€49.99/AU$79.95. EA has yet to announce the service, and a date for the PC and Xbox 360 versions was not noted. The service has […]