Battlefield 1943: Pacific

Battlefield 1943 – The first playtest

Kotaku’s got the first proper play details of Battlefield 1943 from Comic Con in New York, and the news is “OK”.Snip:I really had no idea what to expect from this game. I was presently surprised to see my favorite online game ever get a much-needed upgrade. The one concern I have is that this won’t […]

11 years ago

Battlefield 1943: Pacific headlines

  • Source: Battlefield 1943 real, will be shown in Europe this week

    VG247 has learned from a European source that the rumored Battlefield 1943: Pacific is “real, but still under wraps.”The game will be shown in Europe this week, so we should know more very soon. It was speculated overnight that the title will be shown this weekend at New York Comic Con.We’ll let you know as […]

    11 years ago
  • Rumor: Battlefield 1943: Pacific en route to New York Comic Con

    More WWII? Possibly, if EA’s handing out postcards at this year’s New York Comic Con – and not cruel jokes. According to EA’s NYCC schedule, Battlefield 1943: Pacific postcards will be delivered unto EA faithful at some point during the show. As expected, EA recently removed that listing from the Internet, but a Google Cache […]

    11 years ago