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  • Eidos implements copyright protection on Batman: Arkham Asylum

    A reported bug over on the Batman: Arkham Asylum forums has led Eidos to reveal that there’s not an actual bug in the game, but a code to make the game virtually unplayable if the copy has been pirated. Apparently, a user complained that the glide function within the game – which is extremely important […]

  • Batman Insane Night DLC contains two Challenge Maps

    The first of Batman’s free DLC packs, Insane Night, will contain two Challenge Maps when it releases for PC, 360 and PS3 on September 17. The levels are called Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter. Details after the break. A second pack, Prey in the Darkness, will land on September 24.

  • UK charts: GH5 beats Beatles: Rock Band in Battle of the Bands

    Guitar Hero 5 has beaten The Beatles: Rock Band to No. 1 in the latest UK charts. Harmonix’s effort didnt even land in the top three, only getting to four in the charts. DiRT 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum round off the top three. Top ten is below. You can find last weeks data here.

  • First bit of Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC will be Insane Knight

    Mike Kebby, from SCEE’s PlayStation Store Team, has posted on the EU PS Blog that the upcoming DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum landing on September 17 will be Insane Knight. The other bit of DLC, Prey in the Darkness, will land on September 24. This confirms rumors from earlier in the week. You can find […]

  • Report: Arkham Asylum has sold close to 2 million units since launch

    Buried in a piece on Warner Bros.’ formation of DC Entertainment, the LA Times has thrown in figures for Batman: Arkham Asylum. According to the report, the game – which was released on August 25 – has already moved “nearly two million units in less than a month” and calling it a “major hit”. Technically, […]

  • Free Arkham Asylum DLC dropping September 17 for all formats

    According to the PS3 news ticker, Batman: Arkham Asylum’s getting free DLC on September 17, and Eidos has confirmed that it will be made available for PC and Xbox 360 as well. This bit was confirmed as a multiplatform DLC release when a spokesperson replied to a question regarding it on the official Batman forums. […]

  • Rumour - Free DLC for Batman next week [Update]

    Joystiq’s carrying an image of the Batman menu screen showing a message about some free DLC: it’s coming next week, apparently. Rocksteady’s Paul Crocker did mention “the DLC” in an interview with us recently, but refused to go into detail. Just checking now. Update – Just got this from UK PR: “We can’t talk about […]

  • UK charts: Arkham Asylum maintains No. 1 spot

    Batman: Arkham Asylum’s managed to maintain the number one spot in this weeks UK charts, and a surprise inclusion in the top three is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The two year-old Infinity Ward title crept in at number three thanks to the game being bundled with the recently-released PS3 Slim. Find this weeks […]

  • VG247 podcast #7 - Capcom's Christian Svensson and Chris Kramer Vs Rocksteady's Paul Crocker

    Bit of a humdinger this week. We were lucky enough to get Capcom US’s senior business chap Christian Svensson and Unity ubermeister Chris Kramer on the phone for a brilliant chat about all the firm’s major products: tons of news in there, so definitely listen. In addition, British development refused to be outdone, you’ll be […]

  • Batman 2? "We're just waiting to see if people like the game," says Rocksteady

    The most obvious question in the history of obvious questions: is Rocksteady working on a sequel to the almost universally acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum? Shall we ask Paul Crocker, AA’s lead narrative designer? Oh, go on then. “We’re just waiting to see if people like the game,” said Paul, speaking in this week’s VG247 podcast. […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Nvidia PhysX PC screens and video

    Eidos has sent over some lovely Batman: Arkham Asylum screens for PC showing off how it looks with the Nvidia PhysX real-time, hyper-realistic physical and environmental gaming effects. Sounds like a commercial, we know, but still they are lovely to behold. Game’s out for PC September 15. The gallery is posted below the break along […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum awarded Guinness record for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’

    Batman: Arkham Asylum has been awarded a Guinness World Record for being the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’. It has achieved the highest average score of 91.67 from reviews around the world. Cool. “We are so pleased to be awarding Batman: Arkham Asylum a Guinness World Record,” said Gaz Deaves from Guinness. “It is […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum completely spoiled in 90 seconds

    WARNING: Very, very obviously, do not watch this movie unless you want Batman: Arkham Asylum’s plot completely spoiled. GamesRadar’s posted a 90-second movie of all the major plot points in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. This may come in useful for people that don’t with to play the game, yet hanker to know what happens at […]

  • Batman Arkham Asylum release trailer is positively batty

    Batman: Arkham Asylum? Never even heard of it. Oh well, Shacknews has a new trailer for it, so — since it’s a slow news day — we thought we might as well tell you about it. Seriously, though — what an obscure game. Bet it’s not even any good.

  • Batman reviews swing in, EG goes with 9

    This is looking pretty much unanimous. Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum’s sitting pretty with a 92 percent MC average, with even the “tougher” pubs coming out with glowing praise. It’s out this Friday. We’re sending you subliminal messages to buy it by having our website covered in Batman ads. Actually, fuck it: just buy it. Eurogamer […]

  • Arkham Asylum for PC free with Nvidia graphics card

    Nvidia has an offer running, allowing you to get a free downloadable version of Batman: Arkham Asylum when you purchase one of four different graphics card from the company. Not bad if you were wanting a GTX260, GTX275, GTX285 or a GTX295. When we got our GeForce 7900 GTX we got Blood Money free, so […]

  • Report - Batman: Arkham Asylum to receive free DLC

    According to a report by JustPushStart, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be receiving brand new DLC soon, and that it’ll be available for the nice sum of free. What shape or form the DLC will take is unknown. Go through the link for more info. The game’s out next week for PS3 and 360. The PC […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum video shows off cool gadgets

    The latest video for Batman: Arkham Asylum shows off the cool gadgets the Dark Knight uses to thwart enemies, escape, and do other cool stuff with. Game’s out August 25 and in September for the PC. The video is after the break courtesy of BigDownload.

  • Batcave Outpost Apartment coming to PS Home

    Batman: Arkham Asylum releases soon, and Sony has you covered should you purchase it. The game will unlock a special Batcave Outpost  space for Home, and it looks rather cool. So, log into Home with your game on August 25 to get these snazzy new space. More though the US PS Blog, here.

  • Behind-the-scenes video for Arkham Asylum talks art design

    New behind-the-sceens video for Batman: Arkham Asylum talks art design and animation. It’s very interesting, and posted after the break courtesy of BigDownload. Game’s consoles later this month and on PC in September. Demos for all versions are out now.

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