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  • Weekly Wrap – US sales hit 5-year low, CS:GO announced

    QuakeCon’s passed, and Gamescom lies ahead. You’re in the eye of the news storm. Frightened? Don’t be. The Weekly Wrap is here to tell you what it all means. And give you a hug. If you want one.

  • Bastion PC to hit Australia August 17

    Warner Bros. Australia has confirmed Bastion’s local PC release date of August 17, one day behind other territories – although that’s probably a time zone thing, really, since we live in the future. The critically-acclaimed action RPG (read: dungeon crawler) will go for $14.99, and kick off on Steam before hitting other local PS portal […]

  • Bastion to launch on PC on August 16

    Warner’s announced that it’s to release Bastion on PC on August 16. The Supergiant action RPG had previously launched last month as part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade. The game’s currently up for pre-order on Steam for £14.99, and will have Steamworks support, an all new control scheme and gamepad control. It’ll be up […]

  • Friday Shorts - Just Dance 3, Theatrhythm, Bastion bonus, more

    This was supposed to be a quiet week. I’m going to spend the weekend sobbing quietly in a wardrobe wishing games didn’t exist. These nibbles are all I can manage before I go.

  • Summer of Arcade launches: Supergiant on Bastion

    As RPG Bastion prepares to kick off Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade today, Johnny Cullen speaks to Supergiant’s Amir Kao and Greg Kasavin about its release, working with Warner and more.

  • Bastion confirmed for PC by end of the year, no PSN plans

    Bastion creative director Greg Kasavin has confirmed the game will be released on PC before the end of the year, but there are currently no plans to release the action-RPG on PSN.

  • Bastion reviews rounded-up ahead of tomorrow's launch

    Bastion reviews have started hitting the net, and it looks as though the majority find it a charming Xbox Live title from Supergiant Games.

  • Supergiant: Warner “bought into” our “vision” of Bastion

    Supergiant Games has said it picked Warner Bros. Interactive as Bastion’s publisher because it had “bought into” what the developer had wanted to do with the game.

  • Tuesday Shorts - Zynga sued, Shinobi's Creed, indie delights, more

    So much has happened in the last 24 hours that we can’t possibly give it all the limelight it deserves. Come on through and check out today’s surprisingly meaty shorts. You’ll be sorry if you don’t – I have something for everybody.

  • Bastion gets super-lush launch trailer

    Warner’s put out the launch trailer for Bastion. The Supergiant RPG will kick off Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade 2011 next week for 1200 MS points. After that will come the PC version that has been on the backburner whilst the 360 version has been made. We’ve played the first half-hour of the game and chatted […]

  • Show-and-Tell at E3: Supergiant's Rao on Bastion

    Bastion is a video game with its own narrator. A recipe for round-the-clock annoyance? Sheer brilliance? Both? We played the game and spoke with Supergiant Games to find out.

  • Summer of Arcade: Bastion on July 20, From Dust on July 27

    Microsoft has confirmed this year’s Summer of Arcade line-up for Xbox Live, dating Ubi Montpellier’s From Dust and Supergiant’s Bastion in the process.

  • Microsoft goes asset mental on games coming to XBL Arcade

    Microsoft has release screenshots and a few trailers for some of its games coming to XBL Arcade, some are part of the Summer of Arcade line-up. The list is a doozy, so we’re going to get right to it.

  • Summer of Arcade line-up confirmed: From Dust, Bastion, more

    MGS boss Phil Spencer’s just announced the Summer of Arcade line-up for Xbox Live Arcade this July.

  • Mark Ward leaves Bastion PR

    UK account director Mark Ward has left Bastion before the start of a restructuring at the PR firm. Ward, a well-liked face in the British trade, said his departure will help with the reorganization of the company contributed to over the last 13 years. “Tough times call for tough choices and my departure will contribute […]

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