Barrington Harvey

BHPR goes into liquidation

UK videogame PR firm Barrington Harvey, headed by director Simon Harvey, has gone into liquidation after 22 years in the business.

10 years ago

Barrington Harvey headlines

  • Eidos UK PR firm: We are "not in the position of telling reviewers what they can and cannot say"

    Eidos’s British PR firm, Barrington Harvey, has issued a statement on the subject of UK Tomb Raider: Underworld reviews after it came to light this afternoon that sites had been requested to not publish score for the game lower than 80 percent until Monday, three days after it goes on sale.The story arose after Gamespot […]

    12 years ago
  • Eidos UK drops all internal PR

    Just in. Eidos UK has just confirmed that the firm will have no internal PR at all from this point on. The company’s PR aspects are now to be handled by UK agency Barrington Harvey.“For the time being, there will be no internal PR function; the agencies will be managed by the UK marketing team,” […]

    13 years ago